How to Build a Massive Online Audience by Rob Eagar


These days, the more you talk to literary agents and book publishers, the more you hear them say, “We want authors who can bring a large online audience to support their book sales.” Some even say, “We want authors who are list-building machines,” which means building an email list with over 10,000, 50,000, or 100,000 subscribers.

Gone are the days when authors just write a book and turn it into the publisher. Authors with a platform are viewed as a vital part to a book’s marketing plan. Here are five reasons why you should make building an online audience a top priority:

  1. It’s the best way to mass communicate with a lot of people both inexpensively and effectively.
  1. When a lot of people follow you, it’s easier to create more sales of your current products and services, which means more money in your pocket.
  1. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a bestselling author, the key is to generate a lot of pre-orders before your book launch. A large online audience is the best way to secure those much-needed pre-orders.
  1. Imagine launching new products and services that are almost guaranteed to sell! A large group of followers represents a ton of potential customers for anything you create – which also represents more money for you.
  1. Finally, one of the most important–but most overlooked–reasons to build an online audience is this: Other people will want to partner with you, because you have what they want – a big audience! When you build a big audience, other people and organizations will generally become much more friendly and open to partnering with you. They will willingly help promote your stuff, because they see you as an ally who can trade favors to help them promote their stuff, too. It goes back to the good ole’ adage of “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.” But, if you don’t have a big online community, you can’t scratch anyone’s back.

Do you know how to build a large online audience? Are you positioning yourself and your organization as worth following by other people? Do you have at least 10,000 followers and growing?

If you’re struggling in this area, we’re excited at Allume to feature Rob Eagar’s easy-to-follow 4-part video course called, How to Build a Massive Online Audience. Rob is an instructor at this year’s Allume Conference and one of the few marketing consultants who has helped create three different types of New York Times bestsellers, including new fiction, new non-fiction, and backlist non-fiction.


With Rob’s expert instruction, it’s possible to attract a lot more people than you might think! Here are the details about what you’ll learn in each of his 15-minute, info-packed, videos:

Part 1 – Learn how to position yourself as an object of interest so people follow you.

Part 2 – Discover how to use free content to entice people to join your audience.

Part 3 – Tips and techniques to create tools that increase your subscriber rates.

Part 4 – Best practices to connect with your audience and boost product sales.

After you’ve finished Rob’s 4-part video course along with the helpful exercises he provides, you’ll be well on your way to building an online audience.

  • Imagine thousands of people responding to any message that you send out.
  • Imagine launching new products and services to thousands of people who are ready to buy.

Purchase Rob’s video series and start building your massive online audience today!


Are The Blogging Rules Robbing Your Authenticity?

Don't give up your passion, your voice, for the sake of following the blogging rules. We need your authenticity.

People crave to see others like themselves. They long to find a sense of “normal” among those they also consider “elite”. But when it comes to blogging and making yourself known and heard, the blogging rules can start robbing your voice and passion.

When I first began blogging, I didn’t know any blogging rules. I just wanted to write what was on my heart, and I did. I remember reading some of those early posts and being shocked that I wrote them. But as time went on, people grew successful in gaining an audience and they began to share their tricks.

Over time, blogging evolved from sharing your passion and stories to putting many voices in a box merely to reach the masses. We needed to write in a certain way, in a certain format, in order to attract many people.

But should that really be our goal? Because when we strip ourselves, our voice, our passion away in order to reach the masses, we lose our authenticity.

Do we really want to write another “7 Steps to a Better Life” post? The majority may want to hear that, but is that what we really want to write? Can we truly have a “better life” in seven steps? Further, is that really the life we want to encourage people to live? Not only do we sell our voice, we sell our principals.

As a Christian, I am called to lose my life for the sake of Christ. As a writer with a Christian audience, am I conveying this same message to the few who will grab hold of it? Because let’s be real…not many people want to be told they need to lose their life by making major sacrifices of themselves for others. This is not a popular message.

Remember the old days of blogging that were more about story telling then offering advice? I can’t tell you how many readers have talked about missing those days and those blogs.

Many people don’t need another “how to” post. They need to hear from people who are living lives according to His Word, not the way some self-help book has it laid out. 

And the beautiful thing about living out God’s Word, is we can all do it and it will still look different—that’s the power of the authenticity of God! He made us each unique, with different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives, with one Gospel that unifies us all.

Friend, use the voice God gave you—don’t allow the blogging rules to cut out the most passionate, authentic parts of yourself just to reach the masses. I am not saying this is true of all bloggers who made it big — hello, Ann Voskamp. But Ann doesn’t follow the blogging rules, far as I can tell. Her posts are long and often require a bit of deciphering. They require careful thought. Whereas the blogging rules say, keep it short, to the point, and plain as day.

Throw out the blogging rules…allow your voice and passion to be free to be YOU.

Curious — do you miss the days of blogging when there was more story-telling and less “how to” posts?

Exposing Sin

authentic 2

Last month my man and I decided to tackle a DIY project. Our master bathroom remained one of the few untouched rooms in our recovering foreclosure. We didn’t have the budget to do a major gut, so a cosmetic face-lift was what we planned.

Our Saturday goal was to replace the horrible old laminate flooring with a fresh clean newer laminate flooring- anything would be better then the 20 year old purple and green diamonds filled with white lilies. Anything.

As we peeled back the old floor eager to tackle this “one day” project, we discovered years of mold. Black, ugly, not-welcomed mold. Years of untouched mold had grown in the dark places beneath the cracks in the floor. Years of neglect and hiding in the dark let this harmful grossness thrive.

And this got me thinking. A few months ago I pulled back the old laminate floor covering my heart and let someone in. And this peeling back? It’s breathed new life into my tired moldy soul.

For years I kept this particular sin a secret. For years I didn’t see it as sin, and even when I started to – when the scales were removed from my eyes – I still didn’t think about it much. Sin kept in the dark,  well it’s way more comfortable. It’s uncomfortable to think of exposing our sin to others. The thought alone can make us shake in our boots and squirm in our seat.

Sin rooted deep in years of habit, it’s ugly. And when we keep that sin tucked away, tucked away from others eyes, there it is fed. There it festers, it grows, it burns.

Kept in the dark our sin is fed by the enemy. He likes when we keep our sin a secret, when we don’t tell our husbands, our best friends. He likes when we are afraid to show our struggles, our pains. Sin tucked away breeds isolation, fear, and loneliness. It keeps us from being real, raw, open, and authentic. It keeps us from going deeper. It keeps us from Him and it keeps us from freedom.

I remember someone telling me years ago that in order for sin to be conquered, it must be exposed to the light. To Him, the Light, and to others. Sin loses it’s power not only when we bring it before His throne of grace, but too when we expose it to the light around us- to those who pour light into our lives and hearts.

A few months ago I braved my fear and shared my sin struggle with my accountability partner. I finally told her what I’d battled for years, how I’d wrestled and fought and grown weary. How I’d secretly loved this sin yet dreaded it’s power too. I told her of my embarrassment to confess it and my desire to run out of the room. I told her how it’s effected my marriage and my relationships. I told her all.

And you know what she did? She hugged me, she cried with me, and she prayed over me. She poured into my soul love and light and encouragement, and weekly she continues to do just that. She spoke light into an area in my life where ugliness lurked and mold had grown. Her prayers and encouragement and love and light, it has helped me to expose the ugly places of my heart. It brought me freedom- freedom to talk, to be real, to be raw and to be authentic.

 When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. – Psalm 32:3

I must be honest and say that this sin hasn’t just disappeared. It’s not completely gone. Years of habit, well, it takes time to unlearn. But this area of my life, it’s losing it’s strength. It’s losing it’s hold, and complete freedom is only steps away.

Had we not pulled back the twenty-year old laminate flooring we would’ve never exposed the mold. Had I continued to keep my sin in the dark, I never would’ve tasted the freedom granted through exposing my sin to the beauty of deep authentic relationship.

Do you have something lurking in the darkness of your heart that is begging for the freedom that comes with exposing it? Let me encourage you to share it with a trusted soul, set it free and watch how He blesses your vulnerability. He will, I just know He will.

It is Time to Unleash the Real You

I am best at being me, and you are best at being you. Authenticity is the best choice every time. However, the harsh world we live in makes it very difficult to develop authenticity as we are constantly inundated with images of airbrushed faces and carefully crafted pictures of perfection. There is no doubt that the pressure to be something we are not is very real and even oppressive—weighing heavy on us while it constrains us from being our true selves.

If you have been a blogger, writer, creative, and artist any time at all, no doubt you have felt the insecurity, feeling the tension and the struggle with not feeling good enough, creative enough, relevant enough, smart enough.

When we find ourselves weary from the fight to forge ahead, we have to ask ourselves the hard question: Could we be weary because we are striving to be the person we think every one else wants us to be, rather than the one we were created to be? We may do it from time to time without even realizing it, but trying to be something we are not is exhausting and futile nonetheless.

“It is in your broken places you are most often used by God.” —Christine Caine

“It is in your broken places you are most often used by God.” Christine Caine

Learn Yourself

How do you become more content with who God made you to be? Get to know the beautiful, intricate, wonderful ways God made you to be. Learn about yourself. Learn your strengths, and really, truly study what they are. Learn about your different personality traits and what makes you uniquely you.

Self-discovery and self-awareness is not a selfish ambition, because as we learn about how we were made our hearts turn to our Creator. And as our hearts turn to our Creator, we learn more about how we were made.

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10 NLT)

Embrace Yourself

Sometimes our strengths masquerade as weaknesses, until we truly understand and see them for what they really are. And we tend to focus on our weaknesses, don’t we? We all have them, and it is useful for us to know what they are. But let us not dwell there because then we can’t see past them.

We may be tempted to think, when God was handing out gifts we received those of less value than others received. Let us celebrate, not compare or covet, the gifts and strengths we see in others that we may not possess or are not yet fully developed. We each have a part.

“You are Christ’s body—that’s who you are! You must never forget this. Only as you accept your part of that body does your “part” mean anything.” (1 Corinthians 12:27 MSG)

Share Yourself

We may be tempted to portray ourselves as ones who have it all together, but allowing our genuine, imperfect, deeply flawed selves to show face allows those who don’t know God to see His grace at work in our lives and desire it too.

When we are inauthentic it means we are deceptive. Deceptive people are not trustworthy. Although it is not our goal, we may forfeit others’ trust, because we fear their judgment. When we lose their trust, we also lose our usefulness. Jesus called it saltiness.

“Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness?…Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world…By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:13-16 MSG)

Let you be free to be you.