Around the Table

Around the Table 1

A warm welcome to Mary & Martha.

Around the table. Three very powerful words.

Sometimes it is just easier to drive through and eat in front of the TV or just eat in the car. I get that. Boy, do I get that. This one has soccer, this one dance, this one piano, this one…

Just getting them to the right places at the right time is monumental. It’s a conundrum I know all too well. After having 4 children in 5 ½ years, I was a mom who acted more like cruise director.


Get them around that table!

The Table. Perhaps there is no more important place in our homes. No more important place for our families. Studies have shown that children who eat family meals (around the table) do better in school, are less likely to get depressed, less likely to use drugs or alcohol, and they are better socially prepared when they leave home.

So much of life happens around the table. Big announcements are celebrated! Family budget or vacation plans are discussed (these two are closely related in my home), funny stories or jokes are told, memories are made, and moments are shared. Tears & laughter are both equally welcome.

But something much deeper takes place right between the mashed potatoes and the roast beef: community evolves.

Real community. Care, commitment, and unity are birthed, grow and mature. That table with its four legs, flat surface and steady stance, takes away all the ‘me’ and replaces it with ‘we.’

Now I have seen my share of turmoil around our table.

The complaints (do they hate everything I cook?), shouting matches (why can’t we all be happy? We have food to eat and family to share it), and my personal favorite, dramatic departures (academy award winning performances).

But even the ugly contribute to community. Those are shared moments as well. After all, when it comes to emotion, there is usually passion at both ends of the continuum. I always figured if my kiddos had that much passion towards one another in anger, they would probably have that much passion in love for one another as well. Which – I am glad to report – really did prove to be true now that they are all adults.

And guess what? We still gather around that table at least once a week. Although the dramatic departures and shouting matches have disappeared, there is still the occasional complaint: “Really?! No homemade whipped cream?!” To which I reply, “Really!”

So whether you grab a drive-thru dinner, pick up a grocery store rotisserie chicken, or make a meal from scratch, bring them back to the table.

After all it’s the people who matter, not the food! So go ahead and eat a drive-thru cheeseburger on a real plate, use cloth napkins, or light some candles. They might wonder why the change… let them.

And one day they will sit at your table as adults and will have discovered that all those childhood moments around the table were all about community, not the food.

Kim Marquette, Director of Sales for Mary & Martha 


The Root Collective


Please welcome The Root Collective.

There’s many things in life we can’t control. Like the weather. Or traffic. Or bad hair days. In fact, there’s a lot in life that we can’t do much about and we have to let God take control.

But where we do have a say… is where we spend our money. In the power we have in the purchases we make. In helping to determine what kind of world we’d like to live in.

It’s easy to think of the check out as the first part of our purchases’ lives. Or the final stop of our money’s adventure. But the truth is, our products’ lives started long before the store shelves. And our money travels much farther than the register. Both have enormous power and both have beautiful stories to tell.


Often times, the birth of a product comes from the sheer desperation and thwarted opportunity of those living in poverty. The overwhelming majority of the “things” that take up space throughout our homes – cheaply bought and tossed aside – were created by the tired hands of employees working in deplorable conditions, barely making enough money to afford food and schooling for their children. And these events, which we find to be unimaginable, keep happening, day in and day out. We’d like for them not to happen and we wish there was another way, of course. But we feel hopeless to the big, giant monster that business can be. We think, “It’s just the way it is…”

But here’s the thing… That doesn’t have to be the way it is. With our dollars, we have the opportunity to make an incredible impact on the way the supply chain is run. With our dollars, we have power. We have control!

Imagine instead of that gorgeous pair of shoes coming from a factory housing underage children working exhausting hours on little pay… they came from a shoemaker in Guatemala who was paid a fair price for the handcrafted work he’s made. Imagine that the purchase of those shoes has helped him secure a loan to build a brand new workspace.

The fun part of that story is that you don’t have to imagine – it’s true! Otto is from La Limonada, Guatemala – the largest slum in Central America – and he’s been a master shoemaker for years. Once vulnerable to the influence of gangs (which, in La Limonada, gangs are numerous), Otto’s trade and partnership with The Root Collective has allowed him the opportunity for a career and financial security. It’s given him the opportunity to change his community and challenge the status quo of traditional fast fashion.


At The Root Collective, our mission is to partner with artisans to help give them access to a buying market to grow their business. They own their own businesses and set their own pricing. We also want to connect our customers with the people who are making our products, because we want you to know the impact that your money is having on the lives of other people. We want to remove the anonymity from fashion and replace that with the face and the name of the person who made that pair of shoes. Oh, and to make it even better, we donate 10% of our profits back to nonprofits who are working in the same communities that our partner artisans live. This is just one more way that we invest in the people of these communities, and we want you to be a part of that.

And Otto’s story is only one of a thousand. His life and millions of others have been greatly affected by the choice to spend our money differently and consciously. To spend our money investing in the future success of others… and in return own amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to strike up a conversation.

And that conversation will be the best step forward.


We are giving away a pair of ballet flats!

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speaker interview with jeremy courtney

Jeremy Courtney is a person you notice first in a room because he is a sharp dresser.  And when I (Logan) first met him at a BBQ a year ago, I wondered why on God’s green earth he was wearing a blazer in the Texas summer heat.  After talking to Jeremy and learning his God-sized story of challenge and hope and loving people, I didn’t care what he wore in the Texas heat.  All I could see was a big ol heart with a passion for loving a group of people that the world often calls “dangerous”.  Jeremy has a contagious smile, and a story that makes you evaluate your own to live braver and love bigger.  It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Jeremy Courtney to our Allume conference this year and know you will have as much fun getting to know him as we have!

Jeremy Courtney - Allume

What was your favorite food as a kid?

Mom’s spaghetti!

What chore do you despise the most?

Paying bills, which requires me to stand in line in offices across our city in Iraq

When was the last time you chatted with your neighbor?

Ha! Right after the city police here in Iraq broke into our house and stole our truck on a falsified
claim from an employee I’d fired that I had stolen the car from him. It was an inside job, so the
disgruntled employee was effective in stealing my truck. Now we walk everywhere we go and my neighbors
think I’m a car thief!

What sound do you love?

My kids giggling uncontrollably when I give them whisker kisses. A mom and dad doting on their child after heart surgery in Iraq


Jeremy’s book, Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time, tells the harrowing, highly-acclaimed story of the only love big enough to change a nation—a love that strikes first.  Jeremy’s love for the people of Iraq is captivating. Please go learn more about Preemptive Love and Jeremy :: Website /// Twitter /// Facebook

So You Think You Can Write?


Please welcome DC Jacobson to the Allume blog.

My niece’s favorite show is “So You Think You Can Dance?” True confessions? Don’t judge me, but I watched it a couple of times with her—just two :-). And while I don’t think I’ll become a regular viewer, I had to admire the dancers with all their different backgrounds—ballet, hip-hop, ballroom and more—all learning new skills so they could dance in different ways.

When my colleague Jenni Burke and I spoke in a workshop last year at Allume, that’s the question we asked the bloggers gathered there. We asked, as they considered writing books, if they would be willing to exercise new writing muscles.  We suggested that just because you can write a blog doesn’t mean you can write a chapter and just because you can write a chapter doesn’t mean you can write a book. And even if you can, we suggested that “just because you could doesn’t mean you should”—writing a blog is a privilege just as writing a book is.

We were delighted to sign four authors to our agency who attended Allume last year. Three of them already have contracts with publishers—we think they’re delighted too! :)

So we’re coming back to Allume this year, hoping to meet some more wonderful writers. You kept us so busy last year that we’re bringing four agents this time! If you would like to meet with us to discuss a book project, please view our appointment schedule:

Appointment Schedule

You can check out our website at to review agent profiles to determine if there is a specific agent you would like to meet with (please choose only one). Jenni Burke, Heidi Mitchell, Tawny Johnson and I will be attending.

See you soon!


Don Jacobson, President – D.C. Jacobson & Associates


Buy An Ornament, Bless a Child


There are over 153 million orphans living in the world today, children vulnerable to neglect, exploitation, trafficking, slavery, hunger and emotional trauma. Orphans are not the only children at risk. Last year the world lost 6.6 million infants and toddlers. Half of these deaths were primarily due to malnutrition or preventable disease.

At Ornaments4Orphans we believe that poverty is at the root of the global orphan crisis. Single mothers desperately want to keep their children, but they cannot afford the HIV medication which will sustain their lives. Relatives desire to take in orphans, but fear the expense of another mouth to feed. In the face of crippling unemployment, desperate widows turn to prostitution, depressed men abandon their families, and children grow up working in the fields rather than attending school.

Poverty is a complex issue, one that cannot be easily solved, but it is clear that poverty is much more than lack of possessions. It’s lack of opportunity. Without opportunity for regular, fair-waged work, cycles of poverty and broken families will continue.

At Ornaments4Orphans we strive to combat these big issues with small, unlikely things – Christmas ornaments! Ornaments4Orphans is an initiative designed to bless orphans AND bring economic opportunity to talented artisans in impoverished communities.

Ornaments4Orphans sells beautiful fair trade ornaments, nativities and other items handcrafted by talented artisans around the world. With their earned income, artisans are able to provide for their families. They put food on their tables, make rent, pay their children’s school fees and purchase the medicines that sustain their lives.

Ornaments4Orphans also gives back from our proceeds to help orphans in the communities where our artisans work and live. We partner with strategic ministries which invest in the care of orphaned children who are desperate for food, education and love.

The number of children and families now being blessed because of Christmas ornaments is astounding, and we have big hopes for the future! As Ornaments4Orphans grows, we dream of offering life-giving employment to hundreds more artisans and spreading hope to orphans everywhere.

You can help us increase the Ornaments4Orphans impact by becoming an O4O Coordinator! As a Coordinator you agree to host an Ornaments4Orphans tree at your church, school, workplace or home. We ship you a box of our ornaments along with all the literature and materials you need for your fundraiser. Sell the ornaments for $10 each and when you’re done simply return any unsold ornaments along with the proceeds you raise. It’s that simple.

Watch how it works. (Click here if reading in an email).

Your tree combined with other Ornaments4Orphans trees across the country helps men and women escape poverty and provide for vulnerable orphans who have no hope. The only cost is your time! Learn more about becoming an Ornaments4Orphans Coordinator at by visiting our website.

Also make plans to join us at our Opening Night Party at Allume! We’ll be decking the halls early and sharing our celebration with you!

Can’t wait until October?


We’re giving away a set of our Banana Fiber Angel Ornaments to one lucky winner via this blog post!


Visit our website here, then comment below with your name, email, and favorite Ornaments4Orphans product.

Giveaway ends Monday, October 6th at 11:59 EST.

What It Means to Be An Advocate

Scenic Garden Bridge at Sunset. Summer in the Garden.

Welcome Work of Worth to Allume!

Anyone with success has advocates. Think of your favorite pop-star – they are an advocate magnet. They have the quiet “behind the scenes” type, who help them recognize opportunities, and see those opportunities become realities. They also have the bolder “door-holder” kind of advocates, those who share with others about the greatness they recognize.

Those without success lack advocates. Everyone has skills and abilities to bring to the table, but the revelation of those gifts comes from opportunities and advocates that help us tap into what it is we have to offer. We have come to recognize that those that need the most advocacy are those that don’t know they’re worth fighting for.

Anyone with success has an audience. Success brings with it a platform from which you have the freedom to share your experience and expertise. With the achievement of success comes the responsibility to advocate for the success of others.

You are your own advocate. To truly capture your success you must also recognize your own worth. You have to own it. You must believe you have something to offer. Owning your own worth is not an overnight process, but is instead a journey, during which you need advocates to walk alongside you. Unlike patriarchy, the goal of advocacy is to instill dignity until he or she can advocate for their own success.

Recipients of advocacy can’t resist paying it forward, which is why advocacy has the longevity to impact generations. The responsibility to advocate has nothing to do with the size of your platform. Those facts are mutually exclusive. Consider the voice of advocacy in terms of the family: a parent’s voice of truth is of the same value to one precious child as it would be to 10 children. This is true for both the number she advocates for and the number she advocates to. Advocacy is about sharing truth with those you have been given influence over, whether that audience is 1 or 1000.

Work of Worth is about bridging the gap for those who need an advocate. We can’t wait to meet each of you and to celebrate our voices together! Consider this your formal invitation to the movement of advocating for dignity.

-Kristy Griem

Dear Weary Mom,

Weary Mom

Dear Weary Mom,

I’m posting this around 7:00 in the morning, and if you’re reading this you’re already tired. Come to think of it, whatever time of day it is where you are, you’re tired.

You may have woken up this morning and before your feet ever hit the ground thought, “Man…I’m tired.” You might be sipping your fourth cup of coffee in less than an hour and find yourself thinking, “Man…I’m tired.” Or you might be headed to bed after a long day with a sigh on your lips and in your heart as the realization that another day exactly like the one that just ended begins in fewer hours than it really takes your body to get rested.

Man…you’re tired. 

I know this because I’m one of you. A weary mom dug down deep in the trenches of raising the two people I’m blessed to call mine. Just last night my littlest boy arrived in my bed around 2:00 a.m. trembling from a bad dream and spent most of the night pressed up against me, kicking me in the back.

It all sounds sweet except I didn’t sleep a wink. And now I’m—you guessed it—tired. I’ve found, though, that the weariness of motherhood is about much more than just a lack of sleep. It’s a weariness that’s kind of like holding a mirror up in front of all my ugly. Some days, motherhood brings out the worst in me. But I’m learning that’s okay.

Surprise, surprise.

Motherhood kind of took me by surprise. You too? Yeah, I hear that from a lot of moms I know who thought they had it all figured out before their own kids came. When my first son was born I had a terrible time nursing him, and it turned into the first of many, many things that just didn’t come easily to me as a mom. I remember being so angry with God because He wouldn’t change my situation and make things easier.


An ugly word, isn’t it? But I found it in my heart, and as we all know, what’s in the heart comes out of the mouth (Matthew 12:34). Oh, weary mama, I’m honestly a bit ashamed of how many times I’ve been angry over the last seven years of my life. On the outside, I’m a grown woman who has her life together. I have a nice house, a hunky husband, and two seriously beautiful, talented little boys. But on the inside, I’m a two-year-old stamping her foot and screaming because she can’t get her own way.

All I want is for my boys to obey me. And to be quiet. And to stop wrestling all. the. time. And to put their toys away. And to stop goofing off at the table. And to stop spilling their drinks. And to stop wrinkling their noses at the dinners I work hard to fix for them. And to focus on their schoolwork. And to stop fighting with each other. And to be quiet (did I already say that??).

Do you find yourself nodding your head? Sighing deeply because you kinda know what I mean?

Yep, weary mama, motherhood brings out the very worst in me. But after seven years of battling, I’ve finally come to this:

I’m glad.

Lord, have mercy…what if all that junk had stayed inside of me all those years? What if my inner two-year-old with cute pigtails that bounce when she stamps her foot had been allowed to grow up into an intolerable woman with frizzy hair that didn’t look cute anymore?

Gives me the shivers.

I’ve known one too many women who were never called out on their inner two-year-old. It isn’t pretty, so yeah, weary mama, I’m saying it loud today…I’m GLAD my kids bring out all my ugly. I’m GLAD they keep me on my knees in prayer, asking, begging God to make me more like Him so I can be the kind of mom they really need.

So bring it, whiney two-year-old me. I know your game. And sooner or later you’re going to run out of steam, because I’ve got all the power of heaven on my side, and I’m determined to lay you down over and over and over again until you’re gone once and for all.

So there (sticks out tongue).

Now, where’s my coffee…


Coauthor of Hope for the Weary Mom
Coming from Harvest House Publishers February 2015

P.S. In just two months, Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker will be launching their #ChooseHope campaign. To learn more, and enter to a beautiful cuff bracelet like this one, click here.”

Choose Hope

the single most important metric for website success

time on page, google analytics

Everyone wants to know what blogging success looks like. And the list of measurements most people look to contain the usual suspects… page views, social media likes/shares, number of followers on social media, and number of subscribers. Understandably, those metrics are simple numbers which show how visible your content is.

But, one number is likely a better gauge of success than any of the others most think about. Work on this one measurement, and you’ll launch your blog to new levels. What metric is it?

Time on page.

This one measurement can tell you more about the behavior of your readers than anything else. Think about it. You write a 600 word post that gets 100 page views, and it gets an average time on page of 30 seconds. Since the average adult reads approximately 250-300 words per minute, then that means most people hitting your post aren’t reading very much of it. That realization can hurt when you know you’ve poured out your heart and soul to write something you think is amazing.

On the other hand, imagine the same post had an average time on page of 1:30 or more. Some readers lose interest and drop, but this would definitely indicate that what you wrote is resonating more with your readers.

Why is this important?

Two reasons, really. First, time on page speaks to the quality of your content. Increase this metric, and you’re probably getting at a more engaged, connected reader. Second, it’s a metric that Facebook is looking at in their algorithms to determine which link posts get pushed up/down in people’s news feeds. It’s a way for them to battle click-bait links, and push up good quality content.

Increase the time on page, and you’ll likely increase the number of visitors coming to your site. [Tweet this!]

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your time on page:

(1) write great titles

Your first, and most important task is to write great titles. The reader should be able to look at the title of the post, and anticipate what they’ll find when they click-through to read it. It also helps if the title contains some sort of emotional connection or value statement. What will they get out of reading your post? Not only does this help get them to click-through in the first place, but it also sets proper expectations. If they know what they’ll be getting, then they’re much more likely to stay on the post long enough to actually get it.

(2) write an amazing first paragraph

Once you have them on the post, then it’s the first paragraph which will set the tone for everything else. Your opening statement should hook the reader and give them even more reason to keep reading. If the title left any question on how long they should stick around, then the first paragraph should solidify that buy-in. Don’t feel like you have to give everything away up front. But sell your big idea right away, and make sure the reader knows what’s in it for them.

(3) improve the graphic appeal of the post (and whole website)

Using strong images has proven to increase the reader’s time on page. Think about the images your add to your blog post like adding art to the wall in a museum or art gallery. Good art will cause someone to stop, and spend time just looking deeply into to piece. They’ll analyze the colors and different parts in the work. They’ll try to figure out what it means, and what message it sends. If a picture is like a thousand words, then try using one that will get them to spend the time on your page equivalent to how long it would take them to read a thousand words. In addition to strong post images, there’s much to be said for keeping the overall visual appeal of your site clean too. Having a cluttered sidebar (or two) can create visual noise for readers, and cause them to disengage with the content.

(4) use embedded video

Having a video embedded in your post is not only a great way to bring in a different style of communication alongside your writing, it’s also a great way to easily boost the time on page. Even adding a one-minute video could quickly double the average time on page. But don’t just add any video. Make sure it’s relevant and engaging. Having a five-minute video on the page doesn’t add as much value if people are only watching the first 30 seconds. So filter this in the same way you would any other content. Make sure the reader has enough buy-in to stick through the whole video.

(5) make it easy to read

Lots of really long paragraphs can tire your reader and cause them to lose interest. One of the best things you can do is offer regular visual breaks and work on making the content easily scannable. Breaks can be created by using images or header tagged breaks. In fact, getting some of your desired keywords into H2 (or Heading 2) format can be good for your SEO. These breaks makes the content which follows them easier to read because it’s a smaller piece of content to consume, which increases the likelihood they will continue to work through it. This is particularly effective with long-form content.

last thought…

As you look at your average time on page metrics (or any others), it’s important to have benchmarks. One trap to avoid when benchmarking is comparing yourself to others or a magical standard published by some social media “guru”. The best numbers to measure yourself against are your own. I’m not going to tell you that ___ number of minutes on the page is what you should target. Instead, figure out where you are now, and simply try to improve that by 10%. When you reach that number, then try to improve by another 10%. Keep pushing yourself for a personal best, and make whatever adjustments are needed in order to get you to the next level. That’s when you’ll start to realize the greatest success with your website.

allume gatherings: part 2

In case you missed it, yesterday we shared part 1 of the Allume Gatherings (ok seriously, aren’t they just going to be incredible??), the heart behind them, and how you sign up for them.  You can find that here.

Aren’t you getting SO excited for Allume? We are!

Today, we want to introduce you to five more Gatherings.


She Reads Truth (Think Tank)
She Reads Truth: In-Person & Online Bible Study
When we read the Bible together as sisters in Christ, something beautiful happens. We are affirmed in our identity as daughters of the one true God; reminded we are not alone in our struggles; and we are challenged and spurred on by the faithfulness of our sisters and our God. In this gathering, Raechel Myers, co-founder/CEO of She Reads Truth, and Amanda Bible Williams, She Reads Truth Editorial Director, will discuss the joys and challenges of leading women to the pages of God’s Word. They will share some of the important lessons they’ve learned in welcoming, hosting/facilitating group study, and provide practical direction and encouragement to equip you to gather women to Read Truth, both online and in person.


Shazzy Fitness (Ballroom H)
Dance RockOut Party
Shazzy Fitness is a fun, easy-to-learn dance fitness program that fuses hip-hop dance moves with the hottest Christian hip-hop music. Our family-friendly moves + Christian music are perfect for moms and kids, plus it’s easy-to-learn for all skill levels – even if you’ve never danced before! Get physically energized and spiritually uplifted at our beginner-level dance session with Chief Mompreneur Kristy McCarley and actor/lead choreographer Apollo Levine as he shows us step-by-step how to do the dance moves from our hit Christian Hip-Hop DVD “Shazzy Fitness: A Time to Dance”. Come SHAPE what the Father gave ya!


Mary & Martha (Teal)
Goods Party
Here at Mary & Martha we are all about Gathering! In fact, we have a unique name for our in-home parties: Gatherings. We love to Gather! Let’s talk about the power of gathering and the biblical meaning of hospitality; a little extra can make your guests feel valued, honored and held in regard. Then it’s on to the hands-on piece. No worries if you’re not the crafty type! We’ll show you super simple and fun ways to bring the sweetness to gathering and hospitality! We will dive into some creative projects for ‘at your table’, ‘around your home’ and in your community! Yes, there will be party favors and door prizes too!


Noonday Collection (Azalea)
Hosting a Trunk Show and Styling Tips
Gather with Noonday Collection to get styled and change the world! When you open your home and gather your community for a Noonday Collection Trunk Show, you create economic opportunity for the vulnerable. Join our Noonday Collection Founder Jessica Honegger and our team of world-changing Ambassadors to style, share and shop! We will tell you the stories behind our gorgeous collection of jewelry and accessories. Everything we sell is handmade by artisans around the world. Learn how Noonday is using fashion and design to restore dignity to abandoned women in Ethiopia, empower communities in Ecuador, and create business opportunities for Ugandans. Join us our Noonday Collection Ambassadors for fashion, fun, styling and storytelling!


Help One Now (Plaza)
Garage Sale for Orphans
Help One Now and Simpsonville First Baptist are partnering to bring you a LIVE Garage Sale for Orphans at Allume! In many countries, excess is not an option and sustainability is a struggle.  GS4O is a hosted garage sale where proceeds go to one of our projects that benefits orphans in one of our seven communities. By selling your excess you can build a home for a widow and her children, pay for a teacher’s salary for an entire year, build a preschool for children that were saved from trafficking!  100% of the funds will go to one of our projects! Come learn more about what it means to redeem excess items that our culture has grown accustomed to!


We are so grateful to these amazing organizations that are going to be bringing you these Gatherings!

Questions about Gatherings? Leave your questions in the comments, we’d love to answer…


Photo Credit: Kim Deloach

allume gatherings: part 1

We know that you have been paying  super close attention to all Allume announcements. We also know that many of you have combed through every little detail of the Allume schedule with great anticipation. And we know that some of you have noticed that there is a fun new addition to the schedule this year; something called “Gatherings”. Up until this point we’ve just kinda left you hanging about what exactly these Gatherings are (don’t you just hate when people do that? wink, wink)….

Well today is your lucky day…

Our heart behind the Allume Gatherings is to be able to give you the opportunity to really invest….in one another, in causes, and into digging deeper in your life.  We want to connect your heart with the hearts of one another and with our incredible partners as they share with you what God is doing in their ministries and companies and how they see His Gospel being spread.  This is a chance to gather…sometimes for a reason, sometimes around God’s word, sometimes for a cause, and sometimes just to build community.  So join us as we gather and invest in friendships, purposes, and passions that invite us outside of ourselves!

View More:

Today and tomorrow we are going to introduce you to these amazing Gatherings and Wednesday registered Allume attendees will receive a newsletter (via e-mail) to sign up for Gatherings.  We are so excited we can hardly stand it!!

It’s important to note that you can only sign up for ONE Gathering AND that gatherings are on a first come, first serve basis. SO….you’ll wanna get to signing up first thing Wednesday morning. Slots will fill up fast and slots are limited.

And in the name of not making you wait any longer….we’d like to introduce you to some of the exciting Gatherings we’ve got planned for you…


blood:water (Plaza)
Lemonade Stand
Join Blood:Water and make a stand for clean water in Africa… a Lemon:Aid stand that is! We are on a mission to bring an end to the water crisis in Africa. We believe you are the fuel to make that happen. One way you can help is by selling lemonade for Africa at the Gathering or by stopping by and picking up your very own Lemon: Aid stand kit. You can then host your own Lemon:Aid stand in your own community. We can’t wait to see you there! Next time, when life gives you lemons, make a difference!


Sole Hope (Magnolia)
Shoe Cutting Party
Want to make a difference in a child’s life today? Dru Collie, the director of Sole Hope, will be sharing stories about living in Uganda while fighting the chigoe flea epidemic which is affecting the lives and livelihood of children in East Africa. We will be cutting up jeans and preparing them to be made into shoes by the Sole Hope Shoe Makers who reside in Uganda. Come empty handed we will have everything ready for you.


Preemptive Love (Ballroom G)
Handmade Crafts for Iraqi Children
For children across Iraq, a lifesaving heart surgery doesn’t just mean they get their hearts back – it means they get their childhood back. Join Jeremy and Jessica Courtney, founders of Preemptive Love, and make toys that will help provide essential physical therapy for children inside the hospital and endless smiles and giggles outside the hospital. While you create together, listen to on-the-ground stories that will fill you with hope, faith, and love for the people of Iraq.


Seed Company (Prayer Room)
The Word of God is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12 NLT) and someday we will stand shoulder to shoulder — every tribe and nation — worshipping together before His throne (Revelation 7:9). What about today? How well do we know our eternal neighbors? Local Bible translators need our prayers. Over a billion Bibleless people are missing the full joy of God’s presence without His life-giving Word. Together we will pray that God’s Word would be unfolded in our lives and among the nations, pray for a network of over 800 global partners working together to make God’s Word available in the heart language of every Bibleless people group on Earth. We’ll also get creative making an interactive prayer craft for women at Allume.


Check back tomorrow to learn more about the rest of the Gathering opportunities.

Have any questions about Gatherings? Leave it in the comments…

Photo Credit: Kim Deloach