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Tsh Oxenreider

 Tsh shares nitty-gritty details behind her blog’s success, and how God can use your specific online space for His glory as well. How do you balance being a Christian while writing a “non-faith-based” blog? Is it God-honoring to earn money on your blog? Is it okay to want success? How can you talk about your faith without losing your non-Christian readers? Tsh believes you can enjoy God and make Him known by crafting your blog with the gifts He’s given you—and at the same time, generate income for your family, all for HIS ultimate glory.


Shelley Noonan

Title: Your Story His Glory
Most of us know that we are made in the image of our Creator made to display His glory. But have you ever wondered how your story could possibly be used for His glory? Shelley discusses through relevant transparency how God converts difficult and even painful times to displaying glory to Himself.


Joy Forney

Joy’s message is one of stepping out and being vulnerable within a community. She talks about embracing the story you’re in, accepting differences, and getting real with those around you.


Ann Voskamp

Ann shares an important aspect of a blogger’s platform and how to use it for the glory of God. She challenges mom bloggers to make THUNDER with the influence God has given us. #makeTHUNDERsistas

She is passionate and careful to convey the dangers of blogging for fame to our own glory.

 DOWNLOAD all keynotes for only $10

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