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speaker interview with tami heim

Community, We are thrilled to introduce you to Tami Heim today.  She is as humble as they come and has an incredible passion to serve those called into leadership.  Her desire is to encourage front line leaders that are weary and need refreshing splashes of grace and mercy. She carries such grace and wisdom and it’s […]

g+, google+, google plus

3 ways to use google+ to boost your platform

Google+ is probably one of the most mis-understood and underused of the social media platforms. However, when you recognize that Google+ is an extension of the dominant (by far) search tool, then it suddenly becomes more important. Not to mention that YouTube, the #2 search engine, is owned by Google (more on the relevance of this […]

Preemptive 1

Want to Save Lives? Tell Better Stories.

With tensions rising in the Middle East, Preemptive Love needs our help now, more than ever. The violence across the country has made their work much more crucial. Below is a guest post by Preemptive Love founder, Jeremy Courtney (@jcourt). Please, please take a few minutes to read his words.  When I moved to Iraq […]