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Have I Told You About My Love–Hate Relationship with Facebook?

I want to quit. That’s how I feel about Facebook, every day of my life. I don’t know if I can take another algorithm change. And it seems like the wounds from the last one haven’t even healed yet when another comes along and rips in even more. Sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever recover, […]

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Hope for Our Friends at Pure Charity

The thing about a community is that when one of its members is affected by something, all of the members feel it. To be a people of living invitation, we must be a people of living investment as well…and today, along with our dear friends at Pure Charity, we mourn the loss of one who […]

Raindrops on the window and the rainbow.

If Making a Difference Was Only a Country Away

Craziness.  Pure craziness.  A heavy rain was beating onto my windshield, the children were all buckled safely into their seats, and my tires pushed through the puddles forming on the side of the road.  We had a scheduled appointment we were trying to be on time for, and as the rain was almost a pleasant […]