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Preston Yancey

Speaker Interview: Preston Yancey

Preston Yancey is a author, painter, baker, and sometimes scholar particularly interested in the dialogue between Christian theology and the arts. He also gets to speak at Allume this fall. Woot! Today Preston is sharing some fun facts with you about himself.   1. What chore do you despise the most? Folding laundry. I have an […]


Writing is the Fruit of the Gift

Like a parent whispers in a child’s ear just before they let that child go out into the world, God whispered just before I began blogging… Remember, writing is the not the gift, writing is the fruit of the gift.” This wisdom and truth has remained my compass on this journey. At the time, I […]

God is Big :: Kayse Pratt for

For When You Can’t Hold It Together

It had been one of those weeks where all of the things on my plate had piled up so high they’d started falling off. A few weeks before, I would have told you that things were going well, that I could handle what had come my way, and life was good. But it only takes […]