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autumn road

Being Big in Your Life – If Not Now, When?

Please give a warm welcome to Envision Possibilities. I’ve come to the conclusion that we suffer from the when/then syndrome…. you know the thought process “when my son is in kindergarten, then I’ll get started on my writing dream” ; “when we have our finances in order,  then I’ll start on that new project”; “when […]

Camera Shy – a note from Allume Photographer, Kim DeLoach

I returned home from our beach vacation this year without a single family photo.  Immediately, I brushed aside my own disappointment and jumped back into work to tackle the mounds of images of other families that awaited my return. Piles of images from mini-sessions, weddings, and other summer activities nearly knocked me over for weeks. […]

speaker interview with emily wierenga

The gentle voice and soft eyes of Emily Weirenga immediately reveal her to be a person of authenticity who loves far and wide.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and holds it out as an offering to the Lord and to those who also need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to understand that […]