Personal Sponsorship Policy

At Allume, we will be seeking to glorify God with our blogs, our tweets, our conversations, and our conduct. In addition, we hope to demonstrate an attitude of mutual respect and professionalism between our attendees, the generous sponsors of Allume, and the companies who have sponsored individuals.

In order to provide that respect for our conference sponsors, we will not permit the distribution of goods or printed materials on behalf of companies who have sponsored individual bloggers in any Allume areas including the main conference floor, session areas, vendor area, the lounge, meals, etc. In addition, no meet-ups outside of the official Allume program of events will be permitted on the premises without prior approval from the Allume team.

Although you may not hand items out, there are many ways to collaborate with your sponsors!

For example, before, during, or after Allume, you may:

  • Tweet about your sponsor
  • Host a giveaway on your blog
  • Write a post about, and thanking your sponsor
  • Post photos of yourself wearing/using a sponsor’s product at the conference
  • {Anything else you girls can think of…}
  • Add your sponsors logo to your business card (must not be any other card)

We thank you in advance for your compliance and your creativity!! :)

~The Allume Team