2015 Creative Sessions Announced.

Top.BMP“God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply working gently within us.” Ephesians 3:20 (MSG)

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was six and in Mrs. Barr’s first grade class at Saint Michael’s Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas. We were given an assignment to come to school dressed up as what we wanted to be when we grew up. I was thrilled! I couldn’t wait to get out of my stiff school uniform and into something much more interesting. You see, my dream job at six was to be a fire-fighting, ballet teaching mom. That means I showed up at school in a leotard, tights, ballet slippers, fire fighters hat, and a purse. (I thought a purse is what made you a mom!)


What in the world is a fire-fighting, ballet teaching, mom? Who knows…but, at six that didn’t seem the slightest bit odd. At six, anything seemed possible.

I am thankful my mother didn’t even pause at my crazy outfit. She didn’t try to convince me that I couldn’t be all three things at once. When it came to creativity, in my house the lid was always lifted and the skies were always the limit. How about you?

Take a moment and just think about yourself at the age of six.  You were learning to write sentences, creating art projects that were mini-Picasso paintings, and inventing fascinating lands for your dolls to explore. The world was filled with such potential and you were the creator.

But, like a red tee shirt after 40 washes, the vibrancy of our life begins to fade. We slowly but surely become about test scores, matching clothes, fitting in with the cool kids and eventually focus on the “perfect job” that looks nothing like a fire-fighting, ballet teaching mom. Somewhere between 6 and 26, the idea of creating, imagining, dreaming, adventuring all become at odds with societies’ expectations of adulthood.

That is why we are thrilled to announce the addition of Creative Sessions to this years Allume Conference.


creative session main pic

The sessions are designed to encourage you to play, explore and try something new that you would never normally do!

Space in each of these offering is very limited so give the list below a looksie and then sign up for what leaps off the page at you.  Please only sign up for ONE as they are all happening at the same time!

We look forward to seeing you in just a few weeks!

Email Creative Director, Carey Bailey with any questions at carey{at}allume.com


Prayer Walking – Rachel Baxter // @makesomethingmeaningful
Prayer Room
Do you want your instagram followers to sign off from your feed having experienced the light of Christ? If so come join me as we walk through beautiful Downtown Greenville. I will be giving tips on how to take creative pictures that point people to our amazing creator and some thoughts on how to use your words to build up and bring light to social media. We will then hit the streets and as we walk we will be stopping along the way to take photographs with our iPhones. We also will be taking some time to pray for the people in our social media reach to experience the light of Christ.
Bring camera phone

When Faith & Creativity Merge – Caroline Simas // @MBCarolineSimas
Crepe Myrtle
Join Caroline Simas, licensed artist behind the brand Multiple Blessings, for a fun session focused on faith and creativity. She’ll share a bit of her story then guide you through experimental play with the provided art materials, practicing a few painting techniques before diving in. Each participant will create an original painted canvas to take home and will have the option of incorporating a favorite scripture onto the original piece. No experience necessary!

Blood Transfusion: A Creative Writing Laboratory – Erika Morrison // @erikalifeartist
Creative writing is less about pontificating and more about opening an artery and spilling out paragraphs of appalling and awesome truth in the most candid and imaginative way possible; in a way that pierces the hemoglobin of humanity. Come inside this workshop if you desire to pen your words in red and together we’ll explore blood—the most vital component to artistic writing—and exercise opening our arteries.
Bring pen and paper.

Get Messy! Knowing God Through  Art – Carey Bailey // @CareyCBailey
As a recovering perfectionist, Carey will share her story of shredding the desire for a perfect life by teaching herself how to rest in the raw and real of God through art. In this breakout session she is inviting you to get your hands dirty! You will use paint, stamps, and paper to create cards that will serve as daily reminders for God’s truth in your life. No art experience is needed – we promise! Come, play, experiment, and discover what it looks like to enjoy the process of creating with freedom.
Wear something that can get messy. PJ’s are accepted.

Make It Pop! The Art Of Creating Beautiful Images – Kris Camealy // @KrisCamealy
You only have a few seconds to catch people’s attention when they click over to your site. Learn how to make images that catch the eye, speak to the heart and inspire people to share your work. Join self-taught photo editor and blogger, Kris Camealy (Photo editor for The High Calling) to learn more about how to create beautiful images for your blog and social media. No experience necessary! This is a fun, inspiring, practical workshop for those looking to add something visually spectacular. Kris will share where to get high quality stock images for free or almost free, teach basic photo editing techniques, share a host of resources to help you work and help you understand the basics of creating powerful images.
Bring your laptop.

Scribe Her Story: An exercise in listening closer and translating story – Amena Owen & Amber Haines // @amenabee & @amberchaines
Amena and Amber will facilitate an experiential session on writing, listening and the power of story. Bring your journal, a pen and an open mind.

Finding Your Voice  – on Page and on Stage – Wendy Speake // @ Wendy_Speake
Join this interactive breakout session and find your authentic voice, both in your writing and your speaking. Beginning with a dramatic monologue, Wendy will lead you through her own journey – as she discovered what God created her to say, and how he designed her to uniquely say it. Bring paper and a pen, and don’t forget your courage, because some of you will have the chance to stand up front and share a bit of your own unique voice as well.

Take a little time to color – Stephanie Ackermann // @ homegrownsteph
Coloring is all the rage but I have been doing it all my life!
Many of us tend to get away from doing things like coloring when we become adults due to responsibilities, schedules or just thinking that coloring of for kids. Studies show that coloring relieves stress, helps calm chaotic emotions and simply relaxes you. I have felt it and have seen it happen over and over in my classes so I invite you to “Take a little time to color”
Come sit, relax and take a little time to color using watercolors and art that is all ready for you. No skills or supplies necessary. Just you, me and a group of friends coloring.


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Allume changed our lives in all the best ways. Two years ago we took a chance on a local conference. We didn’t know anyone going, we didn’t know very much about blogging, and we had no expectations whatsoever. We were familiar with several of the speakers and basically just needed some time away from our crazy lives. I remember being nervous with excitement about the unknown and hopeful of what God was going to reveal to me over the course of 3 days. I desperately needed refreshment, my soul was weary, my mind fried from the demands of motherhood and my body needing some serious time to rest.

True to God’s character, He showed up and provided us with small little fragments of a dream which has taken the last 2 years to unveil. We knew he was stirring up something in our hearts, we just had no idea how it would all pan out. We left Allume in 2013 with our worldview rocked. It was as if we saw the body of Christ displayed in its rawest form for the first time ever. I had no idea all of these organizations, women, writers, visionaries, and creatives were living, moving, and existing for Jesus all over the world. My eyes and my little bubble were opened to the world around me. For the first time in many years, I saw the cause of Christ displayed beautifully and artistically; it moved me and challenged me in ways I still can’t put into words.

My sister and I walked out of Allume with renewed spirits and a passion that only God can give. He lit a fire in our hearts, and we were determined to make a difference, to make a change in our lives, and it was going to start with the way we thought. We had to hit a reset button on our worldview; it started by sitting our two little sisters down and trying our best to communicate all we learned and felt over that weekend.

The fire was aflame, and we knew we had to be available. We knew we had to start listening but at the same time, we knew we had to start talking about our passions, our dreams and our gifts. God had put a desire in our hearts for us to do something together that allowed each of us to use our gifts for His Kingdom. Over the last two years and one more Allume conference with all 4 of us in attendance, we started brainstorming and growing our idea. We all saw bits and pieces of a boutique where we could give back. It couldn’t be just any boutique, it had to be something that made people excited– it had to empower and engage others. It had to be a collaboration of gifts and talents, a shop that brought people together for a common good.

Allume showed us the beauty of believers bringing their gifts and passions together. We wanted to expound on that mission and extend hospitality by opening our homes, our hearts, and our talents for the good of people right next door to us and thousands of miles away.

Thus Given was born, we took all the things we love to shop for and found people all over the world who are using their creative talents to create goods that change lives. Our desire is to empower and love those in need by purchasing these handmade products, and then in turn make them available to many more consumers who desire to partner in creating lasting change and good in places where people feel forgotten, lost and hopeless. Given is our way of changing the world one purchase, one person, and one dream at a time.

We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to debut our vision and products at Allume this year. What an amazing journey we’ve had these last two years. We are so thankful for Allume and the ways it has stretched us and expanded our worldview. Allume encouraged us to become more socially conscious consumers and completely reinvented our idea of what it means to live hospitably. We want Given to be a space where change can take place. The transformational change starts in our hearts, relinquishing our control and allowing God to reshape how we spend our time, our energy, and our money.

“Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place. It is not to bring men and women over to our side, but to offer freedom not disturbed by dividing lines.” – Henri Nouwen, Reaching Out

I invite you to visit our website, and follow us on Instagram! We’d love to connect with you!

When You Create, You Shine


“Gold, silver and bronze- blue and purple and scarlet yarns- hammered wood and gold overlay…”

They sound like the tools needed for a masterful work don’t they? Indeed they were! These were just a few of the items the Lord instructed the Israelites to gather as they crafted the Arc of the Covenant- the dwelling place for God himself to inhabit his people.

The Lord called upon “all those whose hearts moved them” to offer up these gifts of beauty for his home among them. Oh how I long to bring gifts of beauty before the Lord! As a writer, as an artist, what a joy to spin stories and encouragement and truth with words; to offer them at his feet. Many times, I must confess, my words are messy, muddled, even fumbling. I wonder if my attempts to create something beautiful for the Lord will ever compare to the skilled artisans of the Old Testament, who wielded tools of beauty with such great skill. Do you ever find yourself wondering too? Do you long to see your gifts transformed into something beautiful?

God says its all about the heart.

Those whose hearts moved in them brought gifts. They couldn’t help it. They longed to worship. They longed to give. And you? Sisters, artists, writers, entrepreneurs- you who have a heart stirring to bring beauty and light to the feet of Jesus and to the world that so desperately needs him- you have all the gifts of heaven ready to burst forth from you.

To create means that you shine the light of the One who created you.

You have all the gifts of God poured into your heart, all the creativity of the one who hung the stars into place, who cut the grooves into the earth, and who causes every shade of pink in the sunset to hang perfectly upon blue. That is the beauty that shines from you as you bring your gifts to bear for the benefit of his people.

As your hearts are moved toward God’s own as you create, as you worship, He promises to dwell with you. However messy, however feeble, he comes and breathes life into all you put your hands to. Create a space for him to dwell today, friends. Your offerings of beauty shine bright.



Conference Announcement, FB Group & Periscoping

create title


Thursday we will be opening the doors to our Creative Sessions. This is a 1st for us. We have never done anything like this and we are hopeful you are just going to love it.

Creative Sessions are interactive, hands on intensives that will be offered at Allume on Saturday afternoon. Interested in art, photography, speaking or creative writing? There will be something for everything looking to play with the creative inside of you. Space is super limited for these sessions so you will want to sign up for what makes your heart beat asap. You will find the announcement here fist thing in the morning on Thursday.

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Facebook Group

We are only 8 weeks away from the conference! Wow. Are your tickets bought? Is your roommate(s) figured out? Do you know how you are traveling? Do you have questions about anything related to the conference?

We have a brand new Facebook group for you to connect and chat with fellow attendees or hopeful attendees. The conversations so far have been hilarious! Come join in and tag your friends.

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allume on periscope


We read your feedback from last year regarding streamlining and simplifying announcements during meal times. While there will still be a few house keeping items we will need to tackle we plan to utilize Periscope and various other mediums for Allume conference announcements. Be certain to follow us on Periscope as we have some cool surprises coming your way in the coming weeks. You can follow us at @allume

That is all for now. Again, don’t miss Thursdays post for your links to the Creative Session sign ups.