You Are Now the Proud Owners of an Outreach House

Allume! Guess what?

You are now the proud owners of an Outreach House. Specifically, The Sole Hope Outreach House in Jinga, Uganda.


We (Logan & Carey) have spent the last week with Sole Hope experiencing the daily grind of what they do in remote villages when it comes to jigger (sand flea) removal and education. The ministry they provide is beyond amazing and we have been so encouraged by the light they bring to what plagues this community.


What our eyes have seen has been painful but nothing was more gut wrenching than what we experienced today. Sole Hope has a new emerging ministry in their Outreach Center but it needs someone to take ownership of it so it can thrive. And we are the perfect people to do that!

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The Outreach Center now known as the Allume Wellness Center takes in the kids with the extreme cases of jiggers in hidden villages and cares for them beyond what a day clinic can cover. At the Wellness Center they are cared for by an on-site nurse and given much needed medical attention. They receive continuing education about jiggers, given new pairs of shoes made from your jeans, and returned to their village with a new sense of hope.

13march085 This is a ministry that was thrust upon Sole Hope and they took it on graciously but they need resources to make it happen. These kids need beds, they need a joy-filled place to stay, and they need our support Allume. Through Pure Charity you can give to the Allume Wellness Center and make an impact in the lives of children seeking relief from the pain of jigger removal. So get busy Allume! Start sharing, getting creative, and do what you can to make an impact in these little lives.


  • Christin

    This is SO exciting!!! We have the opportunity to get our hands into the field in a tangible way!

  • Kayse @

    So excited to be a part of this! Thank you so much for sharing – the pictures alone are incredible. You can feel the hope!

  • DittoAshley

    This is so inspring! Loved every bit!

  • {darlene}

    Yes. yes.

  • Becky Keife

    God is so good! I’m thrilled to share on my blog today about my experience hosting a shoe cutting party and I’m inviting my readers to help fund the Allume Wellness Center! So blessed to be a small part of God’s big story through Sole Hope!!