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We know that many of you are looking to connect with the Allume community through Facebook and we want you to know we have an Allume page where the entire community can connect with each other.

We are going to be livening it up with connection points and questions to encourage you to interact with one another. We will continue to update the page with conference news, announcements, sponsor opportunities, blog posts from Allume, 2014 speakers and community writers. The best way for you to connect is by interacting on these posts. Feel free to come to the page any time, ask a question, look for a room mate, look for other newbies or alumni–we’ll connect you!

Logan in Uganda with Sole Hope

This week we’ve had the incredible privilege of sharing Logan and Carey’s journey to Uganda with Sole Hope.

Logan and Carey with Sole Hope

Sole Hope was one of our 2013 sponsors and is coming back for 2014 and, not even having been to Uganda, I cannot tell you what a blessing Sole Hope is to the children there. This is one of the many things you will see coming from our Allume Facebook page. So, if you haven’t already, go here and “Like” us so you can be and see community in action!

Finally, I encourage you to follow Logan and Carey through their blogs as they work with Sole Hope through the weekend and into next week.

  • Aprille {

    Is there going to be a Facebook GROUP this year as well? That really worked well last year and made it easier to keep track of conversations!

    • Laila

      I was wondering about that too!

      • Aprille {

        It looks like they are running everything through the Allume Facebook page instead of a group, but it’s going to be a lot harder to keep track of posts because Facebook doesn’t notify of replies when you reply to a post on a page unless an admin comments. They are reposting wall comments onto the main page which is nice but again, I have to remember to manually check the threads/posts I want to follow because Facebook doesn’t notify me. I hope they start a group again this year because it’s much more user friendly for conversation than a fan page is.