Allume Worldwide Christmas Coffee…You’re Invited!!!

The Christmas Season is upon us, and if you’re as excited as we are to already be digging into Ann Voskamp’s book on Advent, “The Greatest Gift,” raise your hand?!  Really though, during this season as we gather around the manger to celebrate God’s greatest gift to each of us, we want to encourage you to gather around homes all over the world to celebrate the gift of friendship.

SO we’re trying something new here with Allume (which explains why we’re a little behind on getting you the information…figuring out the technical stuff always trips Logan up!)  We all enjoyed so much making friends through Allume both online and at the conference this past year, that we think once a year just doesn’t seem like enough chances to put faces and avatars together.  And because a conference takes a heap of time to put together and gets hard to travel to sometimes, we thought we’d begin to create reasons to gather with other women in your area throughout the year.

SO…we’re partnering with Mary & Martha to bring you the first ever

Allume Worldwide Christmas Coffee

on Thursday December 12th!



This is your chance (if you were looking for a reason) to gather Allume friends together in your area! Grab friends new and old and let’s celebrate this Christmas season together on Thursday, December 12th!

Our 2013 conference sponsor, Mary & Martha, will send the first 25 hostesses to sign up a bag of their signature coffee, and each hostess participating will be entered to win the lovely tray with 6 coffee mugs pictured above (2 available)!  Feel free to vary the time if you prefer a morning, afternoon, or evening meetup, then just make sure you note it when you sign up to host a gathering in your area! Logan will be hosting at 8pm in Greenville, but you might prefer 9am…just do what feels right for you!  And if having people to your home freaks you out, but you want to get together, then pick a local coffee shop to host!  The point isn’t what it looks like when you do it…just that you gather!

So put some coffee on, bring a goody to share with you, and let’s celebrate the Christmas season together, Allume Style! So whether you’ve been to the conference, wanted to come, or just peeked around online, we want to invite you to join us as we celebrate friendships around the greatest gift born to us in a manger!

Sign up HERE to host an Allume Christmas Coffee in your area!


Logan and Sarah Mae


Logan is the Executive Director of Allume and an infrequent blogger. Daughter of a most extravagant and hospitable King, wife to Jeremy, and mother to 2 wild and inquisitive little boys, her days are filled with a combination of routine and plenty of the unexpected. No stranger to broken dreams, she has found that a curious following of the Ultimate Creative, Jesus, has led her into a faith that is fuller and a life that is more exciting. Stay-at-home-mom and interior decorator, turned speaker, writer, and Allume owner and host, Logan consistently finds that God doesn’t necessarily call the equipped, but he will always equip the called. Logan is currently in process writing her first book due to come out whenever she finishes it and someone decides to publish it. In the meantime, you can find her musings at her blog

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    If I wasn’t consumed with being a Children’s Choir director at Christmastime, I would so do this! Three productions plus three children of my own won’t allow my schedule to free up. I love the idea of coffee and community! I will be praying for all of you as you work to unify relationships amongst women for the glory of the living God!


      Thanks so much Jennifer! And goodness, with all of that going on, maybe you can find a meetup near you to sneak out and give yourself a break!


    I will be visiting with family in the Atlanta area(more specifically McDonough), so I won’t be able to host but would love to meet up with anyone hosting in that area!


      Keep an eye on the meetup website and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one close by!


    I love this! I would love to host because – well, 1 – I’d love to hang out with some fellow Allumies and 2 – who wouldn’t want a little chance to score some Mary & Martha… however I am pretty sure I’d be here all by myself! No Allumies in sight way out here! Still – you know I will be drinking coffee pretty much all day long that day – virtually joining in with all of you! ;)


      Just invite anyone then! It doesn’t have to just be people who’ve come to the conference, in fact, just ask whomever you want! The point is to gather!


    What a wonderful opportunity!!


      Next time we do this, we’ll try to give a bit more advance notice! Took us longer than it should (or me rather) to figure out the meetup program! Hope you’ll host or attend!


    What a beautiful idea! I am new to the Allume community and love the amazing things you do. Looking forward to meeting you all at next year’s conference!


      Welcome and we’d love to have you join us this fall! In the meantime host a coffee, attend one, and just jump right in!


    I would love to host in Jackson, TN! :)


      I’ve set up the time & everything on! :)




    um…ok – is this ONLY for Allume attendees… or can I invite others (who will want to be Allume attendees?) I’m not sure how many Allume Alumni are near to me… in the tri-state area… ;)


      You can invite anyone you want! Invite your friends, invite other bloggers, just get inviting and have a blast!

      • MARINA

        Good time to invite ladies to participate in a shoe cutting party too… any ideas how much time/content that Allume will be providing (I’m assuming that you’re providing online content to share…?)…


    So excited! I just signed up to host a meetup! :)


      YAY Denise!!!

  • BSTAR0306

    This sounds fun I totally created an event in my city but doubt anyone will sign up or come b/c no one lives here haha


    Just signed up to host! I’m really hoping to attend the Allume conference next year (I’m a long time lurker, slowly coming out of hiding). Not sure if there are any Allume Alumni in my area, but we’ll find out! And I’ll invite some other friends to gather either way.


      yes…just gather!


    I’ll be hosting at my home from 11-1 (ish) in Northern, VA. Look for the Great Falls, VA group on the meetup page. I’d love to have you!


    Is there a place to search existing meetups?