Pass It On


Generation to generation, we pass on the things that are important to us – stories, traditions, family recipes.  The comfort of re-creating with your own kids the same food your remember from your grandmother’s kitchen…well, it’s like a hug from someone you love.   But aren’t the best family heirlooms the ones with a story behind them, the ones that immediately remind you of your family’s values and history?


At Eternal Threads, we feel that way about our products. They are more than simply jewelry, clothing or home decor. Like the best family traditions, they come with a story. Each item is handcrafted by artisans in developing nations, giving women a means to provide for themselves and their family. Many are made by women and girls rescued from human trafficking, now living in a safe house and provided a new skill and an income that represents a new direction for their life.

We want our stories, the stories of our artisans, to be part of your family tradition too, so we’re giving away a set of these colorful mother/daughter aprons.  We hope you’ll wear them with your daughter or niece or granddaughter and use the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about the importance of helping those in the world that are suffering.


Visit our website for many more beautiful, handcrafted products from all over the world. Every purchase makes a difference in the lives of those living in extreme poverty.

We are thrilled to be a part of this year’s Allume Conference!  Come by our booth to see many more products made by our artisans and visit with us about how we can partner with you in connecting women in the U.S. to women around the world. Your support of Eternal Threads tells a story of hope, freedom, and redemption for women everywhere, and those are the kinds of family stories we all want to pass on.


Share your favorite family tradition and enter to win a mother/daughter apron set. {Please leave your email address so we have a way of contacting you if you win}

Giveaway ends Tuesday at 11:59PM EST so don’t wait!

  • Lara Sadowski

    The ladies in my family have always passed down recipes, so when I got married 2 1/2 years ago, my mom had wriiten out our best family recipes for me to use with my hubby and stepson! So far, the boys love them!! :-)

  • Shannon Coe

    on the first significant snow, my four sons and husband strip down to their undies and run barefoot across the 2 acre property, touch the fence, and race back. I have pictures of them running every year. Very Spartan. (arrangedbygod (at) gmail)

  • Marina Bromley

    At Easter my maternal side of the family always made an Armenian sweet bread called choereg. Since I list my mom as a pre-teen, and family drama separated me from that side of the family shortly after that, it took me becoming a believer as a young adult and a lot if forgiveness to recapture that tradition. I’ve passed it to my daughters, and it delights me to see them make this bread with their children now! Mmbromley(at)gmail(dot)com

  • kasmith03

    As a child on Christmas Eve we would all gather to hear the Christmas story read from Luke – now as parents we too find ways to celebrate the real reason for Christmas, through Bible stories, the Jesse Tree, special ornaments, etc. kristin(at)therichesofhislove(dot)com

  • Marian

    With our own kids, a favorite family tradition is fixing homemade hot cocoa in travel mugs and driving around looking at Christmas lights. It’s so simple but we all greatly look forward to it every year. scooperalamode(at)gmail(dot)com

  • RJ

    I loved baking cookies with my mom, and now my daughter and I love to cook together. (Our tradition is Saturday morning muffins.) She’s still a preschooler so I do all the “hot” stuff, but she loves measuring, pouring, and mixing. She would be thrilled to have us wear matching aprons!

  • Amy Bennett

    When I was little, we would always break bread the night before Thanksgiving for the dressing :)

  • janetb1

    We decorate our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend. We also play the Christmas music and drink eggnog. It is a fun time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Paula Claunch

    We decorate candy houses on Thanksgiving. It’s so much fun and I love having a beautiful (or sometimes no so beautiful!) candy house laying around!

  • Cynthia Kraft

    We celebrate Saint Lucia’s Day in honor of my Swedish grandmother by making her delicious doughnut recipe every year!

  • Lani

    Birthdays!! WE have a birthday banner we put up, special cups and it’s always a big deal with family and friends. We love to celebrate life!

  • Miriam

    Call us crazy, but when a movie is over at the theater, we run on up and dance in the front during the credits. My kids would think it strange if we left the theater without dancing. :)

  • Grace Holt

    Christmas morning breakfast in our house was always croissants, fruit salad, and ‘fancy’ flavored hot chocolate… that’s a tradition I’ll be passing on to my girls as well! Love this giveaway, and everything from Eternal Threads! myduskandsummer (at)

  • Julie Wilson

    We have so many traditions though the whole month of December, I couldn’t list them all! But we LOVE making Christmas cutouts and frosting them together as a family.

    And I love, love, love those aprons!!!

  • Cynthia Stuckey

    I come from a large family and so I feel like EVERYTHING we do is a treasured tradition. My mom and dad always gave us new pajamas on Christmas Eve and I have started that tradition with my little girls.

  • Mindy Rogers

    My favorite mother-daughter moments are the ones right before bed when I am stroking their hair and listening to the “one more thing” they can share with me before bed. These “one more things” are always so sweet and heartfelt!

  • Kennesha

    Love this and can’t wait for the release of your second book! Thanks for sharing !