Dear Allume, Can I Tell You Something?

Dear Allume,

I have been staring you down for 5 months.  Your stellar speakers, your sponsoring partners, your eager attendees, and an incredibly dedicated team have been on my computer monitor and in my heart daily.

Can I tell you something?  You are remarkable.

You host a community far larger than the conference, a vision much richer than any website could hold, and you are an exquisite storyteller.   You have done real life in the light of day, in the light of Him, and it moves people.

Keep moving and shaking.

Change the world, Allume.

You can.

You know why you can?

It’s because you believe.  You believe in the power of words and the presence of authentic living.  You know how to link arms with other kingdom workers to comb the fields and love strong.

You have knelt in prayer and charged the day with enthusiasm.  You have shared tears, years, and become mirrors.  You reflect each other’s strengths and the resplendence of friendship.


You swoop underneath to become trusses of support during high waters and span the distance from seasons of sure footing to those over the raging river. You have become a bridge.  A bridge that carries the path to real light living.
And You do. You don’t do it without error and you don’t stand alone.  Other communities and conferences do it too.  The bride of Christ holds the banner in front and bids you to follow. Beckons you to bridge stories to the world around us.

All of you.

The quiet, sporadic blogger of 3 readers and the prolific wordsmith with thousands.  The writer, the author, the musician, and the artist.  You wrote for Him and I now write to you.  You are part of the reason why I write. You are a risk-taking, contentment-finding, hope-chasing people.

You are people, not a platform.

You are honing a craft and becoming empowered in the task.  You take the task to change the world seriously and as you become storytellers who also becoming do-ers, know I am cheering for each of you.

I am thrilled to be with the conference goers one week from today. I am also honored to be joining hands with the larger Allume community across this nation and overseas who lives well into the mission.

As you own your sacred stories, serve those near and far, and overcome time and time again– know we are so very glad you came to this space and know we release, with you, to the high calling of life we must mobilize to.

Real light living, Allume, you do it and you are remarkable.

With sincerity and zeal,

Nasreen Fynewever

Allume Production Manager


Nasreen is an educator by training and by passion.   Nasreen finds the stories of her students and the adults they become to be fascinating.

Adopted from Bangladesh, raised in Michigan, and living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nasreen draws on each chapter as she speaks and writes of her life story. She raises 3 little boys with her husband of 10 years and they call their life an adventure.

Nasreen has recently shared the stage with David Kinnaman (President of Barna Group) in his You Lost Me LIVE tour, produced Jumping Tandem: The Retreat with host Deidra Riggs, and been an active part of Holley Gerth’s God-sized Dreams Team.

She falls hard for those who have stories to share, dreams to believe, and Kingdom work to do.  As one who chases hope, with you, she blogs at

Meet the rest of the Allume team here.


    This is beautiful! So excited to experience the gathering together in person!

    Deb Weaver


      Deb, thanks for your excitement. Next week should be a great gathering. Say hello if you have a minute.


    Awesome post, Nasreen! I was already excited for next week, but you’ve helped me see the broader, worldwide, eternity impacting influence of what I am a part of with Allume. Thank you! Allume is in my heart and prayers every day. I can’t wait!


      Allume is part of something much larger and this is what captures my attention so it is great to hear it is crossing your heart too. We are grateful for your prayers. I am blessed by your encouragement the past 10 months.


    Beautifully put Nasreen…thank you!!


      No, thank you. Thank you for being a part of Allume and the real light living that inspires me. Be well.


    Oh, my, are those prayers ever felt. What a journey this has been and will continue to be! So beautifully said and wonderful to hear your voice as I read it. Thank you so, so much for everything, Nasreen!


      This is a journey, indeed. Glad you are on the path and for your partnership with Allume, much appreciation.


    I think this may be my most favorite post I’ve ever read about Allume, Nasreen. I consider it an honor that I have met you and know you from Jumping Tandem. You amaze me – I wish I could follow you around and glean your wisdom the week before the conference! :) (I hope that didn’t sound weird! :) I am so excited to hug you and see you at Allume. I am praying for your heart, mind and strength through such a beautiful and large task of this glorious conference, friend. Thank you for inspiring me, and for everything you do for this amazing, life-giving community. Love and Blessings to you, friend.


      Humbled by your words. Please do find me at Allume and I will welcome the hug. I am not a super hugger, so make it short, but know I am touched by your energy and forthrightness. Stay contagiously joyful!

      • DEIDRA

        Give in to the hugs, girlfriend. Resistance is futile.


          Give in, huh? This is your new pep talk to me? Breakout Session Saturday 10 AM– one promised hug. :-)


    A beautiful grace-filled letter. Thank you. I am honored as one of the sporadic bloggers to be among God’s beautiful daughters.


      I am a sporadic blogger myself, glad to be in your midst. Thanks for your words.


    You inspire me my friend. I’m thankful for you…for all the hard work you have put in, the sincere encouragements you are always quick to give. I couldn’t imagine enjoying work more than I have doing it with you. And the fact that you get it…all of it….that you catch the vision, believe in it, and breathe life into it as well…just more than I’d dared to even believe the Lord would bring. I shoulda known He’d blow my ideas out of the water…again! Love you friend!


      Thank you.
      Here. In this space. In this time. My words get lost in what I can say back to you to let the world know you have faithfully carried vision, humbly grown, and magnified hospitality.
      In due time I will write more. For now, carry on, lead on, serve well. Honored to be on your team.


    Oh this is beautiful. I cannot wait! It is a little army this tribe- yes?! Thank you and Logan for all your hard work- I pray you see a glimpse of how far and wide this work will spread. On my knees with you!


      Eagerness abounds on this end, too! Thanks for being on your knees with us. We are simply human and get tired, please know your prayers embolden us to march forward and paint hope to us. Thank you.


    “You believe in the power of words and the presence of authentic living.” Yes!!! This is the truth, the calling that stirs my soul and has me God-giddy over Allume. Thank you, Nasreen, for being an integral part of the Allume team and for faithfully serving in this Kingdom calling that helps so many of us better answer ours.

    I also read your Why I Write post, and just this week I spoke the very same words, ” I write because it makes me come alive.” And I’m a mama of 3 boys, too. I think we may be kindred spirits. :) Hope to meet you at Allume!


      “God-giddy” is a fabulous phrase. I can nearly picture what that looks like, but yes, you should show me in person when you come say hello. Thanks for a smidgen of your tale written here, be ever alive!


    Nasreen, you are a true gift in so many ways. I am so blessed I have had the honor to work alongside and in conjunction with you. But also that you have embraced our everyday lives alongside our work with Allume. We are just so, so honored to have you a part of this team and this community. Your own life tells a story and one day I pray you might share it with me in hopes that it can help me understand my own adoptive daughters’ better.


      You have been a testament to how “real life” and “Allume life” can NOT and should NOT be separated. Thank you for sharing your heart, time, and energy. You are remarkable, thanks for being a part of Allume that is changing the world. And yes, adoption gets my heart beating faster, we shall talk!


    You are so going to rock this. You are the blessing as much as you receive the blessing. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. I’ll be praying….
    Peace and good buddy,


      Allume rocks, that much I will admit to. My privilege to be in the swirl of goodness next week is not lost on me. Your prayers matter. Thank you.


    This is awesome, Nasreen – I am raising a fist bump to you! Can’t wait to see you in person and give you a hug (if you have time!). {not a super hugger myself, by the way, so I’ll keep it short … maybe a one-arm}


      One arm suits me well, but for sure, plan on a hug. Thankful you will be a part of the community in Greenville this week.


    Can’t wait for Allume!


      Woot! Glad to hear it!