You Will Never Be For Want

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“I am done.  I will be saying goodbye to Facebook, social media, my blog, and my conference.”  The computer lid closes more firmly than necessary.  The books and papers holding the new manuscript are pushed into the pile of things to ignore and never look back upon.

Silence. I finally met his eyes, hoping for a word of encouragement and the words to set my feet back into motion.  My husband was my sounding board.  He usually is.  He never flinched or seemed concerned.  I have never done this before.  It is usually a slow climb to overwhelmed and this was not it.  He let me close the chapter on confusion and didn’t give the words to press on.

“You need to search for the answers…like gold.”

The continual call of laundry, meals, homeschooling and precious children was becoming a low humming in my background.  The call to write and the ministry I knew God had called me to was sitting on the other side of a dried up pond.  And there was no way to reach it.  A thick fog had rolled in and I was unwilling to go there any more.

I was not going to be bound to a world behind the glass on my screen, where the mission would “carry on,” with or without me.

I kept my social media world on a short leash.  I put away my words, my goals, and my on-line responsibilities.

I put away my lack of focus and sought hard after something secret.  I was craving it, searching for it, and then it happened.  He spoke loudly and clearly.

The words slipped slowly from my lips, “Imagine a cup tied to a string and the careful and timely precision it takes to lower it into a narrow well to draw water for your lips.  Thirsty, dry lips.  You would want to be careful to not spill or tip the cup, for your thirst would never be quenched.”   … the cup is your life and the well is the Word, and we will learn to fill it with wisdom – for it is life giving.”   You will never be for want.

My own advice and lessons for this summer as I walk my daughters through another step in learning to study His Word.


Understanding, happiness, pleasantness, peace.  Tree of Life, knowledge, discretion, focus, peace.

God has been speaking this word into my every breath and I hear Him speaking it into the night.  

The voices or pulls for our attention in this world are only distractions from a well-pool of rich rewards.  The lens we see the on-line world through may become distorted, demanding or oppressive.

When the heart cries:

  • Confusion
  • Lack of Focus
  • Comparison
  • Seeking gain
  • Doubt
  • Envy
  • Inability to learn from others
  • Striving and not thriving

Kingdom work remains focused and keeps a straight path.  Eyes never looking to the right or to the left. 

Put your distractions aside, and chase after WISDOM.

I am chasing hard.   The computer is not demanding my time, my vision for my home is coming back into focus, and my in real life relationships are more valuable than a keyboard or a book that I may again some day write.

People – This isn’t about time and balance and priorities.  … It is about silver and gold.  About pond water and rich well water.   Start searching for wisdom and all the things you canst desire are not to be compared to wisdom.

“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and the man that getteth understanding. Her ways are of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.  She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her.”  Proverbs 3:13, 17-18


September has more joy than she ever thought possible in this life. She lives a life of perpetual motion, loving the man that has protected her heart for 23 years, and raising 10 children to be more like their personal Savior. September has a heart for encouraging women in motherhood, and the humility of “being real.” Her journey through loss and tragedy has taught her to be sensitive to the pain in other’s lives. While managing her home, she finds new perspective daily, and has been able to share that with discipleships, speaking, and writing. September writes at One September Day and is a contributing writer at MODsquad. Between laundry and life- her heart is to encourage. Connect with September on Facebook and twitter @septemberanne.

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    This is such a strong post, I love the intentionality of seeking wisdom! And the list above? Yep. My heart has cried pretty much all of those about my time online. May we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness!


      Christie – Isn’t that list a killer? While writing it, I checked each one with a memory. Seek Him first – Praise the Lord!


    “put your distractions aside and chase after wisdom”…love this :)


      So hard to do, but so worth the chase! We can cheer one another on!


    Silver and gold…chase after wisdom…YES! This is what truly matters.


      Hugs Mary! So happy to see you here!


    Thank you, ms September. Your words are like gold thread in the hands of Wisdom to seal up the broken, torn, and tattered heart.


      Blessings over you Chris.


    Such words of wisdom and truth from a mama whom I know is in the trenches and seeks His heart fully in the midst of the busy days. A timely reminder for me, as I often struggle with doubt and confusion, specifically in this crazy vortex of online-ness. Thank you. Just so you know, you are truly an inspiration!


      You truly bless those you speak truth into Ashlie! I am so thankful for you! This on-line world has its perks – and friendship is high on the list. Hugs!


    Clear perspective and right priorities are a wisdom-gift of God. When we mis-place them in a demanding schedule it is indeed a short trip to Overwelmed! Been there. Done that–too often. Thanks for the reminder to chase after wisdom.


      We are all in this together, aren’t we Ginger! So glad you stopped by today…I sometimes forget what a short trip it really is to get distracted. Thank you.


    These are wise words that help me heed the call of all The Distractions. Thank you September.


      Much joy my friend as you heed the call. :)


    This is exactly what I needed today. God’s been working in me lately to focusing on running after His wisdom, intentionally and deliberately. In fact, you might appreciate the graphic I posted earlier, about this exact thing –


    I can’t imagine keeping up with my writing and online life with my little girls running around. I don’t know how you ladies do it! Even at this stage however, your reminder to put distractions aside and chase after wisdom resonate deeply. It is all too easy to forget why and for whom we do what we do.


      Thank you for your words. Putting aside distractions at this stage of our motherhood is the best Kingdom work we can do. Amen sister!


    The most ironic thing I ever did was write a book pleading with moms to fully embrace motherhood to the point where they can actually do what you have done here, if need be. But then… I had to sell it. Sigh. Thank you for this reminder, dear sister and friend. I’m going for the gold with you!


    So thankful we can run this race together Faith! Glad to have you by my side sister!


    Wisdom is something to be desired but a simple prayer for wisdom wont produce it. In regards to obtaining wisdom the Word makes it clear that we are to diligently seek wisdom….Proverbs 2 tells us to do these thing in order to obtain wisdom.
    store up
    turn your ear
    apply your heart
    call out
    cry aloud
    search for it as silver


    INCREDIBLE post, September! Cannot wait to meet you at Allume in October! I am married and have a 16 year old stepson, and I am always concerned that I am not being the wife/stepmom that the Lord wants me to be. Your words really turned me in the right direction, September. Thanks very much! Blessings on all of you ladies! <


    It is amazing how so many of us are walking the same walk at the same time.
    Wonderful opening up of your heart to encourage and be encouraged. :)


    This is rich September and timely. Thank you for your willingness to share your stuggles with us so that we can reach for victory as well. You are such a blessing! Love, Kristin