Broken for the Broken Hearted

I don’t hear from God very often, and when I do I usually need someone like Trina Holden to tell me that it happened (thank you for that).

I was sitting sleepily in one of my favorite Bible studies on a Saturday morning. The weather outside was crisp, memories of the snowy days to come lingering on the chill, and inside it was warm and comforting. We meet in a home that is so incredibly peaceful and beautiful that I can honestly say it’s one of the few places I covet. My heart is at peace the moment I walk through the door- always unlocked, always ready for the next visitor. The soft cadence of women’s voices moves through the home, inviting.  Multi-generational, from infants to great-grandmothers, we come together as sisters in Christ to learn Truth.

To be honest? I was a little distracted. My mind kept wandering to Allume. To conversations with sweet Michele-Lyn who has a heart broken by God to courageously and selflessly save babies. Conversations with Kris, Stacey, Holley, Lisa-Jo, Stephanie: women who have a purpose and direction from God and who shine Jesus. And I wondered, as my ears picked up bits and pieces of the lesson about the Holy Spirit, what God wanted to break my heart for, what He wanted to use me for…if He even wanted that?

I may be the only one who was surprised that I would find a response nestled in the soft places of my heart during a lesson on the Holy Spirit. I mean. Really.

I wrote it quickly in the margin of my notebook, afraid to forget and, admittedly, even a little bit afraid to claim it: “He breaks my heart for the broken hearts of others.”

Not a specific people group or country. Not what the “in” cause is in our church or in my group of friends. Nothing new. No “I’m sending you to THIS country” or “I want you to sell all your things” or “I want you to lead/preach/teach/quit your job/move to a new state/start a church/etc.”

In a way, this revelation? It’s more of a confirmation. A reason why God created me to wear my heart on my sleeve, to live life so empathetically that I hurt when others hurt. It explains the lump in my throat when a sister shares a heartache and the desire I have to share authentically and encourage relentlessly because I know. I know what it’s like. And I can do this calling from anywhere. With my family.

And now?

I guess I wait on the Lord to open the doors He wants for me. 

Crystal Stine

  • Mandy

    Crystal, I am so glad to read these words. They are a confirmation to me:) I often have wondered if I am missing something or doing something wrong because I haven’t felt a call or pull to travel to another country or be active for the materially poor or join the religious freedom rallies around me. Like you, I am passionate about the brokenhearted, those crushed in spirit. Thanks for your words here.

    • Crystal

      Oh Mandy, praying for you to know God’s plan for you wherever you are!

    • Kara @ The Chuppies

      And Mandy…you are this way…a rejoicer-with…a weeper-with.
      It is a huge ministry and you’ve been that to me already.

      • Mandy

        Kara…just thank you:) Your kindness has me tearing up. <3

  • Kim Hall

    Beautiful. We can minister in so many different ways in so many different places, and God calls us to be where he has plans for us. To measure ourselves against others, although sometimes a severe temptation, is never a good idea. I pray for you to run through those doors when they open and embrace the plans he has for you!

    • Crystal

      Thank you Kim! What encouraging words :)

  • Lorretta Stembridge

    This is exactly what has happened to me in my life. Oh, I do get this one. I often feel like Jesus must have felt –all omniscient and knowing as HE (not I ) is…He’d walk into a crowd and FEEL EVERYTHING. I don’t feel it as intensely but there’s a piece of that in me and apparently in you too. I do pray that I never recover.

    • Crystal

      Yes! I wear my heart on my sleeve..and my face…so it can be overwhelming at times, but I know God created me this way for a reason :)

  • Stacey Lozano

    You might make me write what I have been holding back on. Thanks!

    • Crystal

      Oh I hope you do! And come back & let me know so I can read it?

  • Nikki

    And now I just want to give you a big hug…. {SQUEEZE} Oh what God can do through you…

    • Crystal

      {hug} back at ya :)

  • Anna Radchenko

    beautifully written :)

    • Crystal

      Thanks Anna!

  • Jessica Hoover

    Love this! Yes, you are created just as God wants you and He is/will use it in magnificent ways! Hint: He already is!

    • Crystal

      {wink} love you seeing you here today! thank you for these sweet words :)

  • Jennifer Lambert

    ah, so glad others understand that physically hurting for others. It can be such a burden sometimes. I love this post, Crystal. Beautiful and heart rending. I’m feeling led to start some kind of broken community for broken hearted women. Anyone have any ideas what that could look like?

    • Crystal

      Will be praying for what God has put on your heart! (my first thought? make it a place of hope)