How to Transfer Your Ticket

  1. First, log in to your Eventbrite account.

  2. Once you’re in, click the tab labeled “My Tickets” at the top of the page.

  3. Look for Allume, and click “View Order.”

  4. Under Allume, click “Edit Details.”

  5. Change ALL of the info in ALL of the fields from yours to that of your ticket buyer.  Please don’t forget to select the necessary meal choice!

  6. When you have finished entering the new information, check the box that says “Send confirmation email to new attendee

  7. Click “Save”

  8. If the new attendee does not already have an Eventbrite account, they need to create one using the email address entered into Eventbrite step 5.

  9. The new attendee needs to then log in to Eventbrite and click on “My Tickets,” where they will see “Someone has saved you a spot for the Allume Conference 2013.”

  10. Click the “Claim Your Ticket” button.  You will then receive an email from Eventbrite so that you can verify your email address and claim your ticket.

  11. WOW! What a pain in the tookis! Sorry for all of that rigamarole, but please know that we look forward to seeing all of you new ticket holders in October!  Sellers, you will be missed!