An Invitation to Dream

An invitation to dream

I want to invite you to dream with me for a few moments.  Isn’t that what God does for us?  He asks us to dream with Him. He places longings and desires in our hearts along with giftings and talents from a very young age. He speaks life to those things by giving us dreams that line up with His heart for us and our calling. 

All of our dreams are different. Often times our dreams are shaped by the things we go through and suffer through.  A mother who has lost a child and has been through the grieving and healing process may long to take other moms in the same boat by the hand and walk with them on their healing journey.  A daughter who has suffered abuse at the hand of a man and who has found truth that sets her free may dream of sharing that truth with troubled young girls everywhere. A woman who has had such low self esteem and been in so much bondage all of her life but found freedom may not be able to stand the fact that others are in bondage and long to share truth with them.  A mom who has struggled with believing she is a good mom but has begun to believe what God says about her may want every other mom to know that they are good moms too.

What is the dream in your heart?

Is it a dying ember because you haven’t seen anything happen with it? OR is it a raging fire because you are so passionate about this calling placed inside of you?

Why are we given dreams? Is it so that we can be beaten up every time we don’t measure up? Or suffer comparison every time someone else seems to be doing the very thing we thought we were supposed to do?

No, I am convinced that our dreams are given to us and consume us so that we will partner with God and pray to see them come to life.  We have a choice, we can dream with God, become overwhelmed attempting to make things happen, which almost always causes our dreams to fade or means that we are doing them on our own. OR We can dream with God and in the waiting we can pray.  Every time your dream tugs at your heart you can talk to the One who planted the dream (His dream) in your heart in the first place. Pray, seek Him first and wait.

Imagine if every time you thought about your dreams you asked God for wisdom, provision, to open doors and move on hearts.  How many dreams would we begin to see come alive if we took our concerns, worries and even comparisons to to the Dream Giver and Way Maker?

Let’s awaken some dreams today shall we?  Think about what moves your heart the most.  What have you been passionate about seeing change?  Now close your eyes and imagine what it would be like if that problem was overcome.  Not just moved a little but completely overcome?  How mighty a force for God would we be if that thing was eradicated?

Let me share mine with you to get you started. One Sunday at church I sat in the balcony and looked out over the crowd. I seemed to have eyes only for the women there.  In the past I have suffered loneliness, rejection and hurt by women in my life and God has healed my heart and given me a dream to see women set free and loving one another deeply. On this night in particular God was breaking my heart for women who were broken, needy and lonely.  I heard Him whisper in my heart “Imagine if they all walked in freedom?  What kind of impact would they have for My kingdom?”  I caught my breath and allowed myself to dream that dream with Him. “What if they ALL…”  Not just some of them but all of them, God’s girls, walked in wholeness, freedom, and love?

That’s God’s dream and He invited us into it. His heart is for ALL of whatever He has put on your heart to change.  Not some of it but all.  He calls us into His great plans and invites us to pray in the waiting to be made ready, strong, humble, and brave. 

Imagine if we all began to dream our dreams with Him, pray in the waiting and taking the steps He tells us to take?  I believe we would then begin to see the ALL.  We are an army of dreamers and we can raise up an army of healed, set-free, truth seekers that will continue to change our world and dream with God.  Are you with me?

Share with us today the dream in your heart.  Is it an ember or a roaring flame?  Can you imagine what it would be like if all of those people were walking in freedom? Let’s encourage one another to dream, pray and do today!

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Kristin Lemus is married to her best friend and "momma" to 7 kids. She has 5 girls and 2 boys (one in heaven). She is passionate about encouraging moms that they are good at what they do and helping them to walk in truth. She's been saved by grace, is madly in love with her Savior and wants everyone to know the amazing freedom He brings. Kristin shares her heart and her stories at The Beautiful Deep.

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    Kristin. My dream is make the invisible God visible to the hearts and minds of His people. I want to remind them they can know Him intimately, in real time and for real. Those who know Him by name trust in Him. I want them to remember Him in their hearts as Savior, Healer, Creator, Redeemer and, and, and….. I want to take the sweet aroma I find in the Secret Place to the world and wake them up. I want them to see Jesus.
    A lofty goal I know, but this is what He has placed in my yielded heart and I must walk out in it. He called me to blog so I blog Him. To know Him is to love Him. To love Him is to trust Him. To trust Him is to obey Him. In obeying the adventure begins.


      Beautiful Chris! I love that you know the dream in your heart so well and can describe it so clearly. It makes me desire that for you and others that you touch too! Thank you for sharing and allowing me to dream with you today. Love, Kristin


        Hope to see you at Allume.

        • KRISTIN

          Yes! I’ll be there! :)

          • CHRIS MALKEMES

            Good. I look forward to seeing you. Grab me quick for a hug. It will mean the world to me, my sweet sister.

          • CHRIS MALKEMES

            Kristin. Just received the best news ever to start my dream. I now have an agent and waiting for the contract. In God’s perfect timing the Whispered Words of Wisdom will be published and in your hands. The dream…… real.


    I love this Kristin. Love you, love your heart for women, love your heart for the Kingdom! Dream on sister! I’ll be right beside you.


      Thank you Logan! I love that our dreams intersect and weave threads through similar spaces. You are a dreamer for sure and a great example of following God’s dreams for us! Love, Kristin


    My dream is to encourage others in their walk with the Lord by sharing what I am learning (and relearning and relearning) in mine. And to do it with humor and light because that is real and that is who I am. :)


      Love that you know that your dreams include you being who you are. I hope that we can all learn to be ourselves as we dream with God. Keep on sharing and daring to dream big! Love, Kristin


    Your dream is an exciting one! I too have a heart for women, I’d see everyone running around, always running, overextended. I dream of getting people to stop, slow down, create margin and look at life a bit closer


      Oh Christa! So many of us need your encouragement to slow down! I’m so glad you are dreaming that dream and sharing it with us. Keep on encouraging us to do what you see as so valuable. We need your voice and reminders. Love, Kristin


    Kristin, I got goosebumps reading your dream. That’s a God-thing, that vision you have of women walking in freedom. It’s no small thing. I’m praying for you as you explore that, and see what God has for you. I know He will lead you in His timing. Your heart is lovely, and you have blessed us with this beautiful encouragement. Love to you, sweet friend.


      Thank you Kris! You are an encourager! I so appreciate your prayers. I love how our dreams connect and intersect online and bring us together as we work out our callings. Love, Kristin


    Yes! Your dream sounds a lot like mine. If we start loving on one another the way we’re supposed to, walking through the hard spots of life would be so much easier. “Me too” — very powerful words to someone feeling completely alone. I’ve grown very tired of inviting women into a place designated for them to “belong” only to have them put down over bringing the wrong finger sandwiches to a tea. We’ve frustrated the gospel, and I don’t even like tea!


      Sam! I so know what you mean. Last year I read Jan Greenwood’s book “Women at War” and it gave me a new perspective on how to love women even when they are broken and not walking in wholeness. It’s a beautiful and encouraging book. We all need to know we are not alone. I love that your heart is to break through the walls and spread true love. Blessings, Kristin


    Kristin, this is beautiful. I love how you say our dreams often come from what we’ve experienced or suffered through. Yes! That is the redemption of pain, right?! I love reading more about your dream. So powerful. I find my dreams shift with seasons but I can always look back and see The Lord weaving it all together for his glory. Thank you for this!


      Thank you! They do seem to shift with seasons don’t they? I find that to be true as well. Blessings, Kristin


    Kristin thank you for the right words at the right time. I suffered through an affair, rebuilt myself, my marriage and my family and now we are in the process of adopting a precious baby. God has brought all these events in my life for a reason and I dream that one day I can encourage women to keep going. the fight is worth it. Although it is still hard to talk about one day I see myself living out the dream. Thanks for shedding light on this topic!


      Hi Ashley, You have been through so much. It sounds like God is giving you beauty for ashes and a dream to share hope and healing with others is part of that beauty. It shows how beautiful your heart is that you are willing to let Him use the hard things in your life. I pray that God continues to give you vision as you find your voice. Blessings, Kristin


    I have some crazy dreams. Huge scary ones I don’t say aloud because I’m embarrassed they’re too big and I should think smaller and more doable. Baby steps. But they don’t go away. If anything they seem to be getting stronger. I wouldn’t say I’m a woman with huge faith but I feel God’s asking me to step out in faith I’ve not yet fully grasped anyhow and just go for it. This post reminded me that sometimes that crazy step is God calling.


    Kristin – I love reading about your dreams! You are full of God dreams – ones that impact others for their good and God’s glory. I will dream with you – that women everywhere would be truly free, truly whole, truly saved. An army of grace and mercy, taking down darkness and expanding the kingdom of God. You keep declaring this vision and many will arise.

    I love you,