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Hey everyone, Sarah Mae here!

Just a quick update to let you know that we haven’t abandoned the blog, we’re simply cooking up some goodness behind the scenes that will make the blog more focused, and overall, better.

And speaking of focus, would you take two minutes and share what you most want from the blog? How can Allume best serve you in the online space?

We really appreciate your feedback – thank you so much!

Love to you all,


Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae has a past that would be her present if it weren’t for Jesus; His wild saving grace and gentle leading keep her in awe. Sarah Mae is the author of several eBooks, the co-author of the recently released, Desperate-Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe (written with Sally Clarkson), and the co-founder of the national Christian women’s social media conference, Allume. Sarah Mae spends her days home-making, home-educating, writing, reading, and drinking salted caramel mochas. Her family embraces life in the beautiful Amish country-side of Pennsylvania. She blogs at SarahMae.com.

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    Transparent stories that encourage and challenge me to learn, to love, to live. I’d also love it if the blog posted only weekly–I easily get overwhelmed by my inbox.

  • http://gretchenlouise.com/ GRETCHEN LOUISE

    Since the Allume blog is one of the most visible “faces” of Allume online, I’d love to see it accurately represent the quality and focus of Allume, in both the variety of themes discussed and the balance of topics in the schedule. For someone new finding the Allume blog, it could be confusing if the blog was primarily about faith and the conference was primarily about blogging, or vice versa.

    • http://beautifulinhistime.com/ APRILLE {BEAUTIFULINHISTIME.CO

      So well said! I totally agree!

    • http://wordsfromthehomefront.com/ NANCY SMITH

      I think Gretchen has a good point and Trina as well. As the time for the conference nears an “interview” with the speakers would be a great introduction to the conference. As bloggers, we want to know new information that will assist in the blogging technicalities, as believers we want to share and this could be the venue for smaller bloggers to guest post- maybe weekly or twice a month. It’s great to see perspectives from well known bloggers in this community, however, there are such encouraging stories front the fringes that we all could benefit from hearing.

  • http://www.happygostuckey.com/ CYNTHIA STUCKEY

    First, you guys are AWESOME!!! Before coming to Allume for the first time last year, I POURED over each and every Allume blogpost as it felt like my only link to this new (wonderfully encouraging) community with which I could not wait to be acquainted.
    –I’m not sure how difficult it would be, but it would be neat to have an occasional guest post done by a few of the speakers in the months leading up to October– (delineating them as such) so many of them I didn’t know and would have loved to have heard more from them prior to Allume.
    –Also, perhaps an occasional practically based post on writing, etc.
    All that said, I never would have thought to offer any suggestions if not prompted, because I feel like ya’ll have done an amazing job and I’ve been SO blessed through being a part of the community! So THANK YOU!!!

  • http://www.trinaholden.com/ TRINA HOLDEN

    Once or twice a week. Balance between inspiration and
    instruction, with ‘writing,blogging, and ministry’ being the main themes. Guest post and/or interview with each speaker prior to conference. Post topics mirroring workshop subjects. Looking forward to seeing what Allume does in the new year!

    • http://susanstilwell.com/ SUSAN RINEHART STILWELL

      I agree with Trina. I’d also like to see some guest posts from previous attendees.

      • http://beautifulinhistime.com/ APRILLE {BEAUTIFULINHISTIME.CO

        Everything that Trina said! I love hearing about the conference – how to prepare, and anything blogging related!

  • http://www.minivansarehot.com/ KELLI

    I’d love to see more inspirational posts on the business and ministry and tribe building power of blogging and social media. I think that’s something that the conference does so well, so I’d love to see those messages continue in this space. I think there is room for spiritual encouragement, but you need to make sure that you differentiate from (in)courage. And yes, I agree that a schedule of once or twice a week is sufficient and would easily allow you to offer fresh and inspirational content. You guys do a great job!


    Perhaps a guest blog each week from an attendee that could share what God did there, how He used her, etc

    Allume is so much more than a conference… Newbies might like to see the potential for that…

    My big take away was getting to pray with a few empty nesters with prodigal kids… Although that season was over for me, it was a blessing to hear their struggle and share my hope for them…

  • http://www.davisfamilymoments.blogspot.com/ CHRISTY

    writing tips, inspiration. and topics/ideas…


    I have always appreciated your posts, especially the practical “how-to” ones, such as the one Trina did on mastermind groups. As a result her post, I was able to start one and it has been a huge blessing to me. I like Trina’s suggestion to interview the speakers and highlight workshops topics, and think it would be a great way to plug into the conference ahead of time.