for when we long to be accepted

Hi. I’m the one person on the planet not going to Allume this year. Blah. Which is sad to me because I love my bloggin’ sistas. I love the late nights of talking and the sessions full of Divine wisdom and the photo booth thingy and the make-me-hyper coffee!

So I prayed about what I could possibly say to all of you amazing bloggers who do get to go to the conference, as well as to those who don’t get to go. And the word that came to me was “acceptance”. Acceptance.


We all so desperately want to be accepted. That’s partly why I’m disappointed that I don’t get to go this year. I don’t want to miss anything. It’s also partly why I’m guessing some of you are nervous about going. You don’t want to feel left out.

I know that I know that some of you are spending sweet time worrying about what cutie outfits you will wear, because I’ve done that. Or worrying about what you will say, because I’ve done that too. Or worrying about what people will think of your wanna-be-rapping skills, maybe that one’s just me. When at the root of all that time and energy is a longing to be accepted.

But we get it sooooooo twisted. SO twisted. Because here it is. You ready? You and I will never ever find our ultimate acceptance in other humans. It isn’t possible. People are too volatile, short-sighted, and self-focused, just like us. And if we spend our energies looking to other humans for our acceptance and our identity, we will never truly embrace the woman that God created us to be. What a travesty.

If there’s anything I hope we each prepare before jumping into new things or jumping onto flights to new places, I pray we prepare our hearts. Let’s spend time looking at our Maker. Spend time meditating on the things He says about us. Spend time reveling in the beauty He whispers.

When we truly embrace who we are in Christ, we’re empowered to walk confident into a room of hundreds of other women that we’ve never personally met. Not because we have some haughty view of self. We can walk confident because we know WHOSE we are. And when we know WHOSE we are, we can know who we are — accepted and beloved, regardless of whether we’re wearing the trendiest pair of boots.

I don’t get to go to Allume this year — unless crazy, unexpected things happen. But I’m fighting those “missing out” feelings with truths that my God declares over me. The same truths He declares over you.

How have you wrestled against that nervous feeling of wanting to “fit in”?
What does our God say about us as His daughters?



Speaker and writer, Lara Williams ministers with a passion to see God's Word affecting the moments of our daily lives as children of the King. You can find out more about her at or read her blog at

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    This post is more than encouraging. As the days draw nearer, I’m excited yet overtaken with nerves based on not really knowing anyone. Thank you for the words of wisdom. I’m sorry I won’t get to meet you.

    God bless!


    This is just what my heart longed to hear this morning. I’m unable to attend the conference as well and it breaks my heart. Your words are beyond encouraging, a beautiful reminder of what is really at the root of my disappointment, and what I can do to remedy it. Thanks!


    Lara, you are not the only one. I planned on going, even had a room reserved until yesterday. I gave it up then. I wanted to go , but this was not the time or season. I got so much out of last year and will miss this year. However, I know that God will have something better for me this year. I am praying that the ones who go will be blessed beyond measure and will go home with many new friends’ names in their pockets, that they will encourage each other to look to the One who is the source of all comfort and says to us all: Do not be afraid.


    What an encouraging post, Lara. I will miss hearing your sweet voice and finally meeting you in person. Last year, I didn’t have the guts to introduce myselft to you – worried you would think I’m crazy or nuts. Thank you for this wisdom.


      Awww, I so wish we would have officially met last year! Maybe next year. ;) (And I like “crazy”. Ha.) Have a great time!


    Lara, I am so sorry to not be able to see you this year. Meeting you last year was such a gift to me. I absolutely love this post. Why do I need to keep hearing this, over and over? I wonder, sometimes, when I’ll “grow up” and not need this reminder. This speaks to the need for community and wise, beautiful sisters, like you . Thank you.


      Oh I will miss seeing you too Jennifer! Meeting you last year was a sweet time for me too. I trust God will faithfully and mightily speak to and through you this year. :)


    I won’t be going either… Thank for this reminder though that we don’t need to be accepted by others because we are more than accepted by the Father. Acceptance is something we struggle with as humans but more so as women I think. Thanks for the encouragement. xoxo


    This message is being replayed in so many different ways that I can only think that God wants to make good and sure that I’m listening. And I am! I am His. Acceptance is instant and forever with Him and I am so grateful. What a beautiful word you were given to write about, Lara. Such an encouragement.


      He’s so faithful to encourage us as his children! Blessings, sister.


    Thank you for this, Lara. Real, truthful, encouraging. As a newbie who just got her ticket two days ago I am filled with so much excitement and anticipation, yet also feeling overwhelmed when insecurities creep in…like I won’t be prepared, my blog isn’t big enough or updated the way I want it to be, or I won’t have a life-changing time like everyone else, or I will feel more spurred on in the call to write for His glory but I will never be able to balance writing with raising 3 little boys while working PT and leading a ministry, and on and on… BUT! When I stop the inner rambling long enough to listen to what the Lord has to say about all my what if’s, I hear is sweet reassuring voice saying, I am. I know. I have prepared this time for you. I know your heart. I love you. Release your expectations and fears into my loving hands and you will be blessed.


      Amen! What precious words He speaks! It’s so true. He has good things for you. I know He will faithfully speak and minister. (Wish I could be there to meet you. :)


    Thanks for the post! I would love to be going this year, but it’s not the right time. Lord willing, next year!


    Lara, I heard you rap last year. I feel somewhat qualified to know good rapping when I hear it. You have awesome, crazy talent! I had hoped to meet you this year and perhaps hear you break out in lyrical worship.


    So true! (Well, except the rapping part…never gonna happen so I don’t worry about it!) Thank you for your encouragement. I’m sorry you won’t be there this year and hope you’ll get to go next time.

    Deb Weaver


    It’s a dream of mine to attend Allume one of these years. Thank you for the reminder that I am already accepted!


    Lara, thank you so much for the reminders. I’m a newbie this year and oh so excited – but it is so tempting to get caught up in all of the little things like outfits and such while forgetting where our acceptance truly comes from. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your heart!