Live Intentionally

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Live intentionally.  This is something that as Christians and moms we aspire to do every day.  However, making time for thoughtful consideration and action is easier said than done.  There are many things in our lives that are important and demand our time.  This often means that something gets the short end of the stick.  In many cases that is money and planning for the future.

Yet, when we talk to moms we hear that building knowledge, confidence, and taking thoughtful action on their money and finances is important to them.  Why?  Probably because mothers are a guiding force in the financial lives of their families.

Whether they work in or out of the home, moms are:

  • Decision makers on family expenditures
  • A primary source of learning and values creation for their children—including children’s earliest attitudes towards money, spending, saving, and sharing
  • Planners building the safeguards and savings for their families financial future
  • Major economic contributors through the tasks that they take charge of both in and out of the home

So with everything else on their plates, how can Christian mom’s find and use relevant resources to help them with their critical roles related to money?  That is where we come in.

Brightpeak financial is a new division of Thrivent Financial, a hundred year old not-for-profit Christian membership organization. Our mission is the help young Christian families build financial strength & embrace the future with optimism.  Stronger families mean stronger communities because people who are more financially secure are also more generous and better able to help each other in times of need.

Like you, we are Christian adults, moms, and families.  And as part of our call to serve other Christian families, we offer a wide variety of educational resources to inspire and educate.

We invite you to explore our resources for yourself and to share the ones you find valuable with your network of Christian women, mothers, and families.

Live intentionally

Whether it’s your job as your kids’ chauffeur, the family chef, the household CFO, or teacher-of-the-year, you’ve got a lot on your plate. These resources should help you save time, money, and sanity so that you can get back to those special moments that come with being a mom.

8 Creative Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money + a Free E-Book

Learn simply

At brightpeak, we understand that confidence around finances doesn’t come easy. That’s why we create financial basics resources to help you feel good about your money decisions.  Look for resources around money management & debt, retirement & saving, financial safeguards and giving & generosity.

How to Get Started Saving

Work with purpose

All of us strive to live a purpose driven life, but often it is hard to find that purpose. Here we provide resources for learning, growing, overcoming and serving in our work, careers and other opportunities so that you can better live out your purpose.

5 Tips for Choosing a Second Job

Visit us at to explore our resources and access blogs, e-books, videos and more.

  • Nasreen Fynewever

    brightpeak financial is gearing up to shed light on the tough topic of finances in a very practical and conversational way. I am excited to see these two communities join hands, brightpeak and Allume. I may be a bit bias, but excited nonetheless. :-)