Allume is Better When We Work Together (Volunteer Sign-Ups)

If you’re like me, the idea of 400+ women in one place can be a little nerve-wracking.  I know I always feel better when my hands are busy and when I’m given a task to accomplish.  Some of my most memorable conversations at Allume happened while I was working alongside other bloggers to help set-up for the conference.  The next day there were faces that I had never previously met that I now counted among friends.  It was a blessing to serve in many ways.

allume needs you

This year is shaping up to be the best Allume yet, and in the spirit of service, we’re giving attendees a chance to plug-in and serve each other.  So that’s what this post is about…it’s a call to sign-up to serve your fellow sisters and we have a place for you even if you can’t attend.

Below is a list of all the needs we have followed by a short survey.  Please read the descriptions and then fill out the survey.  You will be hearing back from your team leader (the person you report to) shortly.  Please know we are so thankful for each and every one of you!  It’s YOU who helps make Allume possible.  We ask that you do sign up that way we can better utilize your gifts and callings to make Allume the best ever and allow our management teams not to go crazy.

Super Awesome Service Opportunites

Prayer Team – We need your prayers.  Period.  Even if you can’t attend, this is the perfect way to get involved.  The prayer team will be taking a three-prong approach.  First of all, we need prayer warriors storming the gates of heaven leading up to the conference.  We trust that God is going to work mightily through Allume this year, which means the devil will be working overtime to throw a wrench wherever he can.  Please be praying as the days tick down.  Secondly, we would like prayer warriors praying at home during the conference covering our attendees and speakers with prayers.  Lastly, we are in need of prayer warriors to help staff the prayer room.  If you would like to serve your sisters in this way, we would love to have you.  And like I said, if you can’t attend the conference, this is the perfect way for you to stay involved.  Allume doesn’t happen without the women of God interceding on its behalf.

Time Keepers – Know how to tell time?  We need you!  These individuals are vital to keeping the conference on schedule by keeping time for the main sessions and letting our speakers know when they need to wrap it up.

Session/Room Needs – Ensuring speakers and sponsors have what they need in their rooms in regards to AV needs.  These individuals will work in tandem with the hotel and will also be helping to distribute books at the Thursday’s keynote.

Allume Breakdown – These individuals will help clean up on Sunday morning following the end of the conference.

Musician Sales Table Help – These individuals will help run the musicians’ sales tables after both concerts.

Registration – Love to meet and greet?  We would love to have your smiling face at our registration table to help welcome conference attendees and hand out name tags and hook attendees up with some awesome swag bags.

Sales Table Help – One of the most exciting parts of Allume is not only meeting and greeting our speakers, but purchasing their books and getting a signed copy as well as possibly taking that treasured picture with them.  These individuals will help us at the sales table during the meet and greet/book purchasing/book signing session on Saturday afternoon.

Help Staff – I love all the volunteers, but these are some of my favorites because they help man the help desk, give directions, move crowds, and are all around helpers.  And most importantly, these ladies will be able to tell you where the closest restroom is.  Like I said, these volunteers are important.

Miscellaneous – Are you the kind of gal that can go with the flow?  You’d be perfect for the miscellaneous category because these lovely ladies float wherever we need them to…would you consider it?

**Gift Bag Stuffers** – If you would like to help stuff the swag bags we will be stuffing them on Wednesday afternoon beginning at 3pm.  This is always a super fun time!!!!

Now it’s time for the survey.

Click here to take survey

Thank you so much for your time and your willingness to serve!


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    YAY!!! I just signed up for the registration table!! WOO-HOO! Thanks for asking us to participate, Kristina. I would love to be able to give back and thank all you awesome ladies for your hard work! <


      Woohoo I shall definitely be seeing you then!! So excited! Thank you for your heart!


    I’m not able to attend, so I’m glad I can still connect in this special way by praying for everyone!! Wishing in a gigantic way I could be there, but will be there in spirit!


      Thank you so much! We covet your prayers.


    I was not able to swing it financially this year, but have been invited by a friend to come along….would I be able to be of help behind the scenes if I was just there to help and not attending the sessions? I would love to be a part of this ministry. If not, I would be willing to help from here as part of the prayer team, or handiwork, or whatever you my find fitting to my abilities.


      Hi Kelly! Let me check into this and I will get back to you. If you don’t hear from me by Monday, email me at and bug me :-)


    For real?! This is awesome! I can’t wait to come beside my sisters and serve. :-)


    I just signed up for the Regristration and the Muscican sale tables. I’m an introvert and these opportunities make me feel more open to others, plus my acts of love are working to help others. Thanks for this opportunity!


    Tried signing up tonight – took the survey, but didn’t get to actually sign up anywhere. Maybe I already did this??? I would love to help out at the registration table since I’m new – I got my plane ticket so I know I’ll actually be there in time to help out!

    Looking forward to it!


    I just tried to sign up for volunteering (with the book table signing specifically), and couldn’t do so. I thought I read that today was the deadline to sign up…maybe that meant you had to sign up by yesterday (9-30?) I was out of town at a prayer retreat this weekend with no wifi, and forgot to sign up! Ah well! (If its possible to still sign up at a later date, I’d love to!) Blessings!