Meeting God in the Airport


Once upon a time, there was a girl headed to a conference. She nervously packed her bags, checked her hair, and prepared herself for an early morning flight. Her breath was taken away by the cool, rarely met, early morning breeze as she rolled her slightly beaten suitcase along the cracked concrete to take her number and find her gate.

But–she is not the only one. There, as she slowly sinks into the slick, black leather chair only to wait, are people–others that are prepared to take the same flight. Others with the same destination, same flight number on the same day. She has placed herself at odds that happen in these rare moments, divine encounters with strangers that will most likely never again happen during her time here on earth.

A two hour layover is plenty of time to grab a searing hot cup of coffee, read a few “how to” ebooks on blogging, and look cute while doing it, right?


She has a two hour layover.

Two hours.

Two hours to help encourage a mom who just lost her child. To thank a veteran for his service to our country. To relive along with a pilot his shaking, near experience with the September 11th attacks.

You may have a few hours or a few minutes to share love, peace, and ultimately the gospel message with these wayward travelers who, just like you, are all headed somewhere.

You may have only a brief moment to connect with the stranger crammed next to you who orders peanuts instead of pretzels and is obsessed with playing Candy Crush on their smart phone.

That ticket, that purchase you made so long ago that covers all your meals and provides access to fabulous speakers is really just a way to get you out of your comfort zone. No, not necessarily once you arrive and wonder if you are wearing too much makeup or smell like old laundry. This time, this moment, this opportunity will never happen again.

Meet God in the airport. He is there with earphones, He is there huddled up with a soft blanket and silent tears. He is there, cradling the screaming infant amidst eye rolls from fellow passengers. He is there when you, when they feel alone.

It is not always about the destination. It is about all of those stops in between.

  • Mary Bonner

    Oh. My. Word. Christie this is beautiful and it IS about the destination. Thank you for a lovely reminder.

    • christie elkins.

      Aww Mary thank you! Thankful for the times where He has granted such opportunity.

  • Jessica

    Love it! Keeping my head looking up today, and out for those who need a smile or a kind word. Thanks for the reminder dear friend.

    • christie elkins.

      I have been blessed by encouragement from strangers, so I know someone will be by yours!

  • TeriLynneU

    So good, sweet girl, just so good. We are privileged to share the gospel of peace as we go … every day. Airports, WalMart, car lines, and all. Love this!

    • christie elkins.

      Amen! SO many opportunities, love that we have a chance each time we leave the house! :)

  • Vanessa

    Yay, Christie! This is a great reminder! I am so looking forward to traveling solo for the first time in years. I’m hoping to be able to be a blessing to someone along the way, because Lord knows I have been blessed by many a kind stranger while juggling two babies on my own. :)

    • christie elkins.

      It was a blessing, traveling on my own. I saw life from a different lens when I could focus solely on others instead of the usual of daily life. Have fun and enjoy your time!