The 6th Sense

I hear God. God hears me. 

I intentionally go to my quiet time to hear God.  God intentionally draws near to me to speak to me.   

God promises to speak to me. When He speaks he gives me promises. 


I wasn’t brought up knowing that God wanted to speak to me. No one taught me how to hear God outside of reading His Word. I knew I could do the talking and pray. But, I didn’t know to wait for a response. 

Hearing God is the most exciting part of being a believer. Hearing God for myself or for others. We need to hear God to know who to marry, what job to take, and at the very start … to respond to him in faith for salvation. 

The enemy can speak to us too. He counterfeits everything God does and makes it ugly. And when he speaks it’s always a lie. He often uses the same strategy as he did with Eve in Genesis.  “Did God really say that?” He puts doubt in our minds.  So, it is important to know God’s Word and make sure everything we “hear” agrees with what He’s already said before. 

Broaden your expectations and ignore your experience. 

I love encouraging people to hear God in new ways.  God is not limited by your experience. And he is not threatened by your theology.  God is not afraid of your limitations. And he is not intimidated by your resistance. But, he will not control you.  So, if you don’t want to hear Him he may (or may not) be quiet. 

Sometimes God is not speaking but watching. 

Let me give you an example. I was taking a prayer walk one day.  When I do those I start with praising God for all the things I can think of. Even things I can’t see yet. (Heb 11:1) I pour out petitions. I ask God what He wants to talk about. And I listen. Often we have a conversation that leads to me praising, praying or repenting again.  And sometimes my mind wanders. 

One day I started daydreaming….and I said, “Oh God, so sorry…what do you want to talk about next? 

He said, “Nothing.” 

I said, “Really?”  

God said, “Sometimes I like watching you.  Just like a parent who gives their kids crayons and a coloring book. They watch them create and think. And see what they do with what they have inside of them.” 

God uses all 5 senses to talk to us.  But, only believers have the 6th sense. His voice in our heads. 

God has put things inside of you and wants to see what you do with them. He created you unique. No one is like you.  He has plans for you that He didn’t give anyone else. He can’t wait to walk you through to your destiny.  The way to know what God thinks of you and the plans He has for you is to know Him more. 

Here are 10 ways God spoke as recorded in Scripture. In this new year, maybe ask Him for a new way to speak to you.  

  1. Circumstances (Jonah)
  2. Counsel (Proverbs)
  3. Peace (Col 3:15)
  4. People (Acts 21:10-11)
  5. Dreams/Visions (Solomon, Jacob, Mary, Paul, Peter)
  6. Thoughts (Amos 4:13)
  7. Natural Manifestations (Jn 12:29)
  8. Supernatural (Burning bush)
  9. Bible (Rom 10:17)
  10. Whisper (I Kings 19:12)

 Credit: Top ten list from Robert Morris, Gateway Church, 2010

 A Grace Journey with Jill Monaco

  • notunredeemed

    Thank you. It is so refreshing to hear some one boldly say that the lord speaks to us! He does! There is a trend in Christianity right now to “just do something”, That is needed, but God spoke us into being and will continue to speak to us about our being!. This was just refreshing and reaffirming to read. thank you!

    • Jill Monaco

      I’m so glad you were blessed by it. We need to share the truth that God still speaks. It’s part of relationship. Without it we don’t live empowered lives. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Amy

    Enjoyed your post. Some of my most intimate moments with God are when I just go outside to walk and talk with Him. Its been a while since I’ve done that, thank you for reminding me how much I enjoy and miss it !

  • Diana Denis

    I forwarded this to my entire life group on Monday morning. Many of them are new to the Word and new in their relationship with The Lord. They were so encouraged by this that I had to come back and tell you. I am so grateful for your words, for your explanation, encouragement and references. It was so good to hear their excitement when they read this–they CAN hear from The Lord…isn’t that the greatest news for young Christians who might think only Deavons and Pastors can hear from Him? Thank you Jill!