How I Know That You are a Good Mom

The warm tears slid down my face and were sure to soak my pillow if I stayed there much longer.  I remember staring at the ceiling and not really seeing it, as the weight of my day seemed to sit on my chest with full force.

The day hadn’t been extremely hard. Just a normal day in the life of being a mom with 6 kids.  Lots of messes to clean up and little fights to break up and not getting much else done.

I felt like a failure though as I compared the to dos on my list to what I actually got done and considered that, even with the little I got done, I didn’t spend much time playing with the kids.

I’m a bad mom.

At first I just heard it in my head but it sounded right and I breathed it in and spit it back out. “I’m a bad mom.”

Then something happened that has forever changed my life and made me into the best mom ever. I heard these words:

“Who says you are a bad mom?”

It felt like a punch in the gut and a gentle hug all at the same time as this convicting revelation soaked in deep.

I say you are a good mom. I made you. I made you to be a mom and I declare that you are good and you are a good mom.  When you keep telling yourself that you are a failure and you declare the lie over yourself that you are a bad mom then you are agreeing with that lie and becoming what you confess.  Stop confessing that over your life!  Start confessing the truth, My truth. You are a good mom and when you believe it and start confessing it, then you will become it.”

Wow. All this time… all the frustration… It was all an opportunity to choose who I was going to believe and allow that reality, that truth or lie, to determine my course as a mom.

Now I know the truth and I walk in it {most days}. I am a good mom… because God says that I am.  He says that you are a good mom too.

You don’t have to do everything right to earn that title.  God created you and He declares that you {His creation} are good.  He also created this thing called motherhood and equips you with everything you need to do it well.  All you need to have to do a great job at it is the truth.

If you have believed that you aren’t a good mom, or feel like you are failing, can I encourage you to sit at the feet of the One who made you and ask Him to show you the truth of how He sees you? Soak it in.  Start to declare what He says is true about you and you WILL start to become it.  He doesn’t say you are perfect or that you do everything right the first time but that you are good.  Allow yourself the freedom to be weak {because that is when He is strongest through you} and walk in the goodness that He has called you to.

Have you ever felt like you were a bad mom? How can you start to walk in the truth today that you are good?

With love from a fellow good mom, Kristin from The Beautiful Deep

  • Mary Bonner

    Beautiful, encouraging words Kristen! Thank you…you know, even though my only child is 24 he is still living at home and sometimes I still feel like a bad mom. Thank you for this post, it spoke to me today.

    If you don’t remember me, Stefanie Brown introduced us at Allume; I took you to the airport!~

    • Kristin

      Hi Mary! Yes, I absolutely remember you. Would love to have a chance to chat with you more one day (maybe at Allume?) Blessings, Kristin

  • Amy Tilson

    Thanks for this simple and monumental truth. I can think of several areas in my life where I need to apply this.

    • Kristin

      You’re welcome Amy. Yes, it applies to so many areas and it so freeing to look at our lives through this filter of God’s love and perfect acceptance. Blessings, Kristin

  • Mandy Scarr

    Love this! Passing this along to all my Mama-friends (and storing it up for when I’m a mama 😉 Thank you!

    • Kristin

      Thanks Mandy!

  • Peggy Spencer

    I’ve been struggling with a lot and this hit home in a simple way. Thank you for posting this…I’m holding this close to my heart and letting the tears flow.

    • Kristin

      ((hugs)) Peggy. So glad it ministered to you. Praying for you now. Blessings, Kristin

  • sunflower

    Precious and encouraging. Thank you for sharing this revelation from God. <3

    • Kristin

      You are so very welcome!